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  1. Thanks Roland, That's about what i expected, 32HZ is way to low for pwm control anyway. And i was kinda expecting issues the the output been inconsistent. Unfortunately the pumps are paralleled in the module so can't stage them easily. I'll have to come up with a different way. Thanks for your input -Kyle
  2. HI, I was just thinking about using the PWM output for the waste gate to control a SSR to run the fuel pumps. This is just a brainstorming thing for me. I have 2 walbro 460's and they draw heaps of power and flow to much for my fuel pressure reg. They also melt the wiring and connectors that KPM supply with the intank surge tank. I'd prefer not to have to cut up and make a new connector for the module but i probably will have to. It'd be nice to run them at low power when off boost. Anyone know the frequency output of the signal? I know it's probably more pain than what it's worth or i
  3. Hi all, I'm having a misfire issue with my G6ET. It has a random misfire sometimes on cyl 1 or 3 (unplugging coil packs to find dead cylinder). It'll drive and not misfire at all them all of a sudden complete drop a cylinder dead. Does this for a couple seconds upto around a minute then comes good again. Does this pretty much everyday at random times, seems worse when hot but will do it cold as well. I've put a few different coil packs in/swapping them around, and a fresh set of plug in. It came good for a couple days but then back to been weird again. there is a code for Coil circuit A
  4. Try that, I might get there eventually lol 969498711_load1ghostcam.tec
  5. Hi mate, i'm a bit of a novice myself but give that a try, i think it was probably coming out of the load values for the overlap in the overlap table and i changed the idle up a bit and overlap angle to 35 degrees 969498711_load1ghostcam.tec
  6. You may have to extend the max overlap table auF0116, log A/D counts, it may be going over 10 A/D counts
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