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  1. You can play around with the cam overlap speed density tables to clean up that black smoke a touch
  2. Hey mate, I'm in Sydney, I've done a few NA/T conversions and have a decent idea of what to do, PM me if you want some help, i have a portable wideband and knock ears ready to go, I've just been road tuning them, obviously a dyno it better but for the on the budget builds I've done, getting them good on the street and leaving them a bit rich and a bit retarded they last and go pretty well. Heat soak will be a issue will the stock cooler
  3. It sounds like its really running crap and sounds like it breaking up and not making much power. I'm going to go with Roland and say the cat or turbo
  4. @PuffwagonCorrect me if i'm wrong i can't remember off the top of my head, but with no 02 sensor or ecu seeing 0v thats lean yeah? So it'll add fuel for no o2 sensor or if its dead, not the other way around?
  5. It'd be trying to trim to stoich. If the o2 sensor isn't working correctly it'll do weird stuff. When you log fuel source it says open loop correct? Just want to make sure its definitely in open loop. 3 or 4 bar fuel reg? Injector scaling correct for your fuel pressure?
  6. Thanks Roland, Much appreciated. It makes more sense to me as well to dial the injectors to work with speed density rather than the other way around. The new tuning guide sounds great, can't wait to give it a read
  7. Hi everyone, So i bought a set of kpm 1500cc injectors and put the "plug and play" data for BA/BF/FG including the deadtime offsets. The trims were way off. I know it not unheard of at all to have data not work 100% but i had to make pretty massive changes to data that is meant to be close for a falcon. Base fuel pressure 4 Bar on the GFB fuel reg. I used all the 4 bar data that KPM gave me. I'm just asking to see if this is what other people have gotten? I don't think i have a mechanical issue, but this is giving me doubt's. I had to really richen the high slope. I'm a novice tuner, i've done my best to learn and follow guides. Thanks Kyle KPM scaling What i had to get within a few % LTFT
  8. 619446899_HAEDJF3Mikkisghostcamtry2.tec Can you try that and see if it's better?
  9. Yeah there is I'm sure, couldn't tell you what you need to change off the top of my head. There is a torque converter lockup threshold. The "overdrive" is just the torque converter locking up. You can lower the lockup threshold so it'll unlock once it produces more then a certain amount of torque. I'm not sure if that's what you want to achieve
  10. Yes, the tables are there in both enthusiast/ professional
  11. It's more for safety I believe, it'll pull timing if you go above desired boost as well. Roland will confirm@Roland@pcmtec injector dynamics id1000's or Bosch 1000's are popular, they scale well. Will see you to around 450rwkw on e85
  12. With the 12psi actuator, even with the Wastegate duty cycle zeroed, you'll see around 12psi of boost. I can see you still have stock fuel injectors installed. These won't really be enough for even 12psi of boost safely. You still have a fair amount of DC for the wastegate, i'm sure that'll see closer to 20psi, way too much. Also the desired boost table is to high (almost 30psi). Please get a set of injectors at least if you want to run around 12-15psi. You may run into valve float issues as well. You'll have to rescale the BLK and MBT tables as you'll probably max out the 1.7 load at over 12psi. also pull timing up top for high boost levels.
  13. Read the HP tune, licence in PCMtec, add ghost cam and write PCMtec tune to car basically. Read this to get a better understanding
  14. Thanks Roland, That's about what i expected, 32HZ is way to low for pwm control anyway. And i was kinda expecting issues the the output been inconsistent. Unfortunately the pumps are paralleled in the module so can't stage them easily. I'll have to come up with a different way. Thanks for your input -Kyle
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