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  1. just wanna thank you Roland to, you didn't have waste your time back and forth, we really appreciate it ! keep up the great work, your a legend side note, can you guys add a "diagnostic's" part to the forums ? stuff like this may help a lot of people in my situation, someone may have an idea that may help or seen the problem before.
  2. so we fixed it!!! we replaced the brand new FOMOCO perfectly testing throttle body and fixed!!!! i tested both the one that was on it and the new one and there identical.... its got me stuffed hahaha electrically there identical
  3. start up with and with out throttle .MOV playing with throttle plate.MOV ba xr8 data log with no throttle on start up.teclog ba xr8 data log with throttle on start up.teclog
  4. Its' not ideal but i just hit the hole engine bay with our fire hose while it was idling and made no difference, I'm pretty sure if there was a leak we would of found it then. I'm gonna burn this thing hahaha
  5. We have replaced all VAC lines, blocked the brake booster (incase of an internal leak), new PCV, when we had the manifold and everything off we inspected it for crack's though none found, if there is a leak me or 2 of my other tec's can not find it lol. I'm sitting here with a mate from another work shop and beer's of cause (5:30pm) lol going through all we have done and getting a 2nd set of eyes to go over it and see if he comes up with something. as I said we have run out of idea's and have nothing more to test electrically or mechanically that we can think of.
  6. yeah we did the smoke test twice, once with it open and again with it shut, its running around 17 in/HG manifold vac at the idle its running (900rpm or so). BA XR8 ENGINE DATA LOG RUNNING TEMP.teclog
  7. yeah that was a 1st start up for the day, ill get it to temp and relog. If there is an air/vac leak.... its got us stuffed where it is as we smoke tested it this morning after resealing the intake and can not find anything
  8. also the MAP is reading 99-101 KPA with KOEO witch is spot on for where we are
  9. Iv replace all intake seals from the head's to the throttle body. iv attached a log below. We don't no what or where to go from here, everything seems to be testing ok both sensor's and wiring. thank you for your help and time ! BA XR8 ENGINE DATA LOG.teclog
  10. iv got the intake manifold off it and looks like it may have blown a seal.. once its back together ill log it with PCMtec
  11. ba xr8.fsl here's a log from forscan
  12. another thing we found is if we remove the MAP sensor from the manifold and block the hole for it its doesn't fail......... everything is testing like it should with our scope and we have replaced it just incase
  13. Love your work roland! cheers! ill have a look and see what I can do, I'm not 100% convinced it is the file on the car but we are running out of ideas and tests to do as everything is testing ok haha
  14. this is what its doing, idle is normally a lot worse then this IMG_2269.MOV
  15. Hi, I am on the hunt for an ORI file for this BA XR8, the editor does not show an ORI for the tear tag A3AK & PCM MODEL ABU-251, or is there another SW version that is the same I can use ??? long story short, I'm having issues with this customers car after he attempted to knife edge his throttle body..... we have replaced the throttle body and still having the same issues as it come in with, wont idle right and keeps throwing 2 DTC's - Code: P1270 - Engine RPM or Vehicle Speed limiter reached -Code: P2110 - Throttle Actuator Control System - Forced Limited RPM it has been tuned with an STC tuner and has had the PCM replaced by another shop witch iv tried to correct, not I'm not sure on the ORI file that was used and I want to rule out the "ORI" file that's on the PCM being the issue. any help would be great! I have attached the file that car come in with. ORI AS ARRIVED.tec
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