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  1. so far iv "replaced" the cat...... and changed spark plug to a different heat range and all is ok so far
  2. yeah its struggling to make 400rwkw, the dump pipe is coming off it today to have a look at the back of the turbo so ill get the boys to check the cat out to, cheers guys 😃
  3. the only time it smokes like that is when it hits rev limiter to other wise its pretty well clean
  4. turbo is only like 3000km old, I wouldn't think they would be stuffed but worth having a look at, and its not eating oil either. it smells like straight fuel to.
  5. anyone ever seen this ? its got me beat haha mod's - built motor stage 3 PW intercooler + pipework 2000cc injectors pro charge 6767 turbo full 4" exhaust system 460 intank pump GFB fuel reg the tune is far from finished, AFR drops into 11.8 nice and holds through out the run and running 20psi boost on 98 octane. any ideas would be great ! cheers 😃 video-1610425157.mp4
  6. Hi everyone, iv got a customer in that is complaining about his ghost cams " stumbling " and stalling at times when coming to a stop, has anyone come across this ? not the best video of the stumbling sorry is an FG mk1 xr6t manual 2010 IMG_1265.MOV
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