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  1. Please help me to understand the attachment. There is a difference between FGX and Sprint value as shown in the photo. The Sprint value has smaller minus value -312 vs -432(normal FGX). What does that mean? To allow a modified engine (with a lot more torque) have smooth shift we should have a greater minus value or a smaller minus value? Which value represents more torque reduction for ZF transmission? -312 or -432? For a more horse power engine we need to apply more torque reduction to assure gear still shift smoothly?
  2. Loki


    Hi Roland, Will we have a solid Data Log function released any time soon? Cheers
  3. Thanks to your help I got the fuel trim works much better in both low and high Air temp Intake - manipulating the auF0052 table slowly everyday. I will stop chasing the Park in Gear fuel trim then as long as it is less than 5%.
  4. Thank you so much. Now I have this stupid issue when air intake temp changes! When air intake temp increases, the fuel trim will increase in positive at Park in Gear.. say 4-5% - not Park in Neutral. However the cruising fuel trim still spots on!!! Then intake air temp decreases, the fuel trim at Park in Gear (when you stop at traffic light and such) the fuel trim will move towards zero again. No affect on cruise fuel trim though. As air intake temp increases, the idle will be more rough and load increases as well in Park in Gear - REV will vary between 550-580RPM As air intake temp decrease, the idle will be a lot smoother and load will decrease while REV will be close to 550RPM as set up I am really annoyed about the condition of the tune changing with Air intake TEMP, must be some Air temp compensation vs Fuel!!!
  5. Thanks Roland. 5-8C as in driving in that ambient air temp: winter weather. Some day it will dip into 2C early in the morning
  6. Hi, I got near perfect fuel trimp whenever air temp is greater than 11C. However, the last few days when I got the car running when air temp is lower than 10C say 5-8C then fuel trim would be roughly around +3-5%. Where do we adjust fuel vs air temp compensation please? Regards
  7. Hi. I need to identify that rich cylinder number in PCMTec so that I can fine tune the mixture for that specific cylinder. I remember there was a guide how to fine tune mixture to every specific cylinder from Roland. Can someone confirm that we can do this like Motec software? Can have all the cylinder number from that attached diagram please? from 1 to 6 Regards
  8. Mine is FGX G6E turbo and I can not find auF2233 in my strategy!
  9. What about the value at 100F is it 0.8 or zero? Thanks
  10. i got my Decel pop and crackles working fine - Had the AMG shocked running with me today lol. However, the neutral crackles (ZF trans) only works at cold start (ECT less than 40 Celsius). I am so close to Neutral pop and crackles. Please tell me where to tackle. I am sure something to do with AFR but do know how to get lean decel AFR in Park/Neutral after the car had warmed up to temp (82C) Which table, scalar to change for neutral decel AFR to be lean?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg1EBCe9Gzk Please help me to set this up using PCMtec. Thank you
  12. Takes 5 seconds to get down to 0 is that not long enough? I know now it is something to do with fuel. Cold start it is richer for decel. After cold start decel fuel is leaner than lambda 1?
  13. I had found out the pop and crackles only happened with low ECT or on cold start. Damn close to get what I want. I got crackles when decel from a hard pull up to 5000rpm other than that it just mute. The Audi and Golf R can get crackles whenever they let go of the pedal. They said some thing about cam timing as well to achieve that, some even mention VE modifications. lol it is not that simple?
  14. My final settings for Park/Neutral crackles with ZF transmission. It provides great crackles. It only work best with wave of sparks in BKT. It did not work properly with constant spark over the range of RPM as you see in the photo. You have to lean out mixture in the Fuel map too to enhance the crackles or there are only burbles when it is rich. My 5 years old son worked with me for hours to achieve this. He got tired of REVing the engine in the end lol since I had to be hearing at the back of the car. Cheers
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