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  1. Kev, recently done an FG NA to turbo, cruise control works fine, I'll attach my map just so you have something to compare to. FG NA+T.tec
  2. 1.23, tried the beta too, doesn't appear to be there. The Spark Adder Knk Sensor Array is there when I'm not connected to the vehicle but when I do datalog, it dissapears. Catch code is HAEE3A4
  3. Yeah will do, I can't monitor on each cylinder, the only parameter I have under knock is the average spark adder.
  4. Yeah I just don't know whether to trust it, I've taken bulk timing out, it even starts pulling timing while cruising with 30 degrees of spark, I'll definitely be dialing it back just to play it safe for now until I get some headphones on it. I don't have those parameters to even log, I've only got the spark adder average one.
  5. I also notice my MBT and BLK are different even though I've made the tables the same and I'm fairly confident I've removed all the adders that could be adding/removing timing.
  6. Just to quickly follow up on this one, I notice there is another channel (Knk Sensor Spark Adder) which is actually adding timing while the Spark Adder Average For All Cylinders is removing timing. Any advice would be muchly appreciated!
  7. I wanted to force open loop, found a previous thread where old mate set that parameter to 1 but his was a BA, so I'm guessing they might not have auF2302 switch.
  8. Found auF2302 is commanding 1 lambda across the entire rev range, this is only active when auF2543 is switched to 1, this is why it was stuck @ 14.7 coming into boost and not getting richer.
  9. I'll verify fuel pressure just to rule it out. I have played with the high scope previously, it does make it run pig rich everywhere, I'll give it another shot with halving the slope and see if I can get into more boost. I can't seem to find the cam angle error channel? Doesn't appear to be there for me.
  10. I'm honestly to concerned with how lean it is to dig the foot in deeper to reach 1.6 load, it seems to be measuring load properly. Haven't measured fuel pressure however it's a brand new fuel pump, new regulator with known working injectors, but if it comes to it I will measure it. It kind of feels like the injector scaling but it's the stock settings from the stock BF XR6T map so it's hard to believe it's that. I logged the cam angle and it seems to be commanding what's put in the map, attached is a little log. 1.04 load log.teclog
  11. It's not pegging, it goes beyond 1.02 but it just leans out so we get off the throttle. So you mean flash a turbo strategy? Will that mean I'll have to license the file again? Thanks.
  12. They are already both set to 1, it goes from cruising (13.5AFR) to sinking the foot in which reaches 1.02 load and the AFR leans out to 14.7 and then the gear change spikes it to 16-17AFR. Feels like the scopes on the injectors are off or something strange.
  13. Morning, Just seeking some advice on an FG NA that's been converted to turbo, has turbo map sensor, BF XR6T injectors, 4 bar fuel pressure reg and a walbro 340. I've disabled closed loop, imported speed density + variable camshaft tables from an FG XR6T, scaled the load axis, It starts and idles fine @ 14.7, cruising is a little rich in the 13.5's but soon as boost is introduced it leans out, I've played with the breakout settings, low scope, high scope but this just results in the whole map being rich and gets a lean condition on gear changes. Attached is the map, any advice would be muc
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