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  1. Andrew


    Primary purpose is to log a wideband. But theoretically I guess you could log other sensors too that don't talk to the factory ECU. The DLP device has 8 channels.
  2. Andrew


    Ah cool, thanks. I'm pretty happy with the fuel control based on eyeing the gauge, so no huge issue. Logging the knock sensor is great - if you see it pull a little bit of timing at a particular load/RPM, can just massage the fuel and timing a bit to resolve it then log i again.
  3. Andrew


    Finally getting around to doing some wideband logging. Must be a dumb question - but once I have the drivers installed for the DLP-IO8, how do I get PCMTec to actually see it so it can log it? Cheers Andrew
  4. Thanks Rolls! For some reason I didn't find that when I was searching, but it is what I need. Before I drove home from work this arvo I set auF0523 AD to 0 across the RPM range and auF0162 to 3600 seconds (one hour) at all coolant temps. To be sure, I'll set AD to -100 as per your comment at the above link and set auF2504 to 4096 degrees C. When troubleshooting a suspected hardware issue, it is neat to be able to use the tune to help isolate things!
  5. Hey everyone. Related question - if I set the values in this table to zero, does this force open loop at idle?
  6. Andrew


    Haha see you soon! I was in a good position because when I wired accessories into my BA it was one at a time and so was a bit of a dog's breakfast. When I replaced it with the FG, I could basically make up one loom for everything I knew I wanted so it is nice and clean. I then left the data logging wires for the wideband easily accessible so I could wire this up when the time came. Was barely a 5 min job ?
  7. Andrew


    Things to do while you wait though...
  8. Andrew


    Thanks Roland! Legend as always!
  9. Andrew


    Mine arrived the other day - looks like a good bit of kit! Will knock sensor DMR logging be available in Professional?
  10. Thanks - that's very helpful! I'll start wiring up for that.
  11. I had planned to cut up a serial cable to wire into the aerial outputs on my AEM X series wideband (plus a serial to USB adaptor). I'm assuming what you guys have done with the above thingo is to use the 0-5v analogue output on whatever wideband you are using. I might go your route instead. That unit looks neat and I'd probably wire it permanently and leave it tucked up under the dash. Getting excited about data logging!
  12. Thanks mate. It is a pity to lose access to those files as it was great functionality, but understand where you are coming from too.
  13. That's what I don't understand - the file I pulled from my car last year still reads fine. Shouldn't two valid .tec files of similar vintage behave the same? Or do you mean that the files in the stock database zip file you mentioned now don't work on Enthusiast since the return to stock feature was added to Pro and Workshop?
  14. Thanks Roland I am definitely using 0.75 but double checked against the detailed version number above to confirm. Tried everything you suggested (although I can't Create Stock File as I'm on Enthusiast - but can of course just open a file from the stock database). I then tried uninstalling PCMTEC, deleting the PCMTEC folder under Documents and then re-installing from scratch but have the same issue. I can recreate the issue even with files from the stock database that I have never opened before. Some files though do have fuel injector scalars visible. Is there anything
  15. Has anyone had an issue where they can't see some injector parameters (anything under the Scalars item)? For example if I open my own file I can see:: But if I open HAEDJG4 I can see: If I open my original file (which was a custom-tuned version of HAEDLL8 with factory XR6T injectors) and do a compare with HAEDJG4 (an FG F6 file) it doesn't show me that the those missing parameters are different despite the files having different injectors: However previously I grabbed the F6 injector data from HAEDJG4 and used it to build an updated file, so I must have been able
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