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  1. Interesting.. it seemed fine to me prior to the tune.
  2. Tuner also mentioned he enabled the torque limiting function as it was previously disabled. Is it necessary?
  3. My trans is standard and has never had a rebuild. Why would my tuner have enabled this feature for? While it is ok-ish now, was it necessary?
  4. Btw I've done over 120km since the trans issue. Issue eliminated. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you. You've been very helpful.
  6. Can I run the 98 tune while there is a full tank of E85?
  7. Yes although no issues prior to tune. On odd occasion will receive error message of vehicle not in park but I've learned to live with it.
  8. Btw, is there a write up for operating the functions on the steering wheel? I have two tunes and launch assist.
  9. I have been driving for a few days now and have so far done 65-70km. The transmission is starting to shift normal with the small hiccup here and there. The same error messages appeared yesterday though.. Waiting on the workshop to get back to me.
  10. No error codes appeared on the scan unfortunately which is odd.. I haven't said anything yet as I was told to drive for a few hundred kilometers and was seeking advise to see if this is all normal before I open my mouth.
  11. So the transmission and dtc failure messages are normal during this process? This is from one of your workshops. Will try to get the error codes shortly.
  12. I'm not a tuner unfortunately. Just seeking advise if what I'm being told is true. I have an OBD reader if that's what you mean?
  13. Hi, I'd like some friendly advice regarding my ZF please. It is currently flaring between gear changes after a tune was done. I was told the ZF was returned to stock temporarily for whatever reason and to drive it for a couple hundred kilometers so it can learn again etc (previously tuned by a different workshop with torque limiter removed apparently).. Few times already I've received trans and dtc failure messages and then it doesn't change gears at all until you turn it off/on again. What is the best cause of action? As a side question. Is there such a thing as the mk2 ECU's being
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