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  1. Start by reading DTC's, this will give you a clearer indication of a vehicle fault as a result the work carried out or a fault in the the PCM/Tune. When you say "Stuck between files" does this mean the cruise control buttons do not work? This may be a result of the wheel speed sensors being disconnected in the rear following the cradle being refitted (Not confirmed but just a thought)
  2. For the Ecoboost Falcon the Baro sensor is integrated within the PCM.
  3. Found this in the workshop manual, not 100% sure its related though.
  4. Whiteford

    6hp21 to 6hp26

    As with any conversion, the minimum amount of components replaced, the better. I do not believe the ABS modules are different between vehicles fitted with a 6HP21 / 6HP26 as there is only one part number available for the FGX ABS Module (ER2Z 2C405 BA) Any 6HP26 TCM can be recoded to suit. Issues you may face will be related to the IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster). In specific, there are different transmission selections available within the vehicles CCC (Central Car Configuration). These can be modified with either Forscan or IDS.
  5. Whiteford

    6hp21 to 6hp26

    This can be done
  6. A3KD is the correct supersession to A3AK.
  7. Only way to know what has caused the issue is revert back each change one by one and retest the cruise control operation. I would start with the VID Block changes as these are the most likely to have an effect of cruise control operation.
  8. Have you downloaded and installed the Openport drivers from Download Drivers + J2534 DLL (tactrix.com)? Also ensure the Tactrix you have is a genuine unit. There are many clones that will not operate correctly.
  9. A8RG is the teartag. 8R29-14C204-ARG is the PCM strategy. HAEDGR2 is also another name for the PCM strategy but its the same thing. 8R29-7J105-CH is the ZF strategy that is suited to 8R29-14C204-ARG.
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