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  1. A3KD is the correct supersession to A3AK.
  2. Only way to know what has caused the issue is revert back each change one by one and retest the cruise control operation. I would start with the VID Block changes as these are the most likely to have an effect of cruise control operation.
  3. Have you downloaded and installed the Openport drivers from Download Drivers + J2534 DLL (tactrix.com)? Also ensure the Tactrix you have is a genuine unit. There are many clones that will not operate correctly.
  4. A8RG is the teartag. 8R29-14C204-ARG is the PCM strategy. HAEDGR2 is also another name for the PCM strategy but its the same thing. 8R29-7J105-CH is the ZF strategy that is suited to 8R29-14C204-ARG.
  5. The only way to be sure of the correct strategy for this vehicle is to look at the drivers door jam and identify the TEARTAG from the label.
  6. Agreed. But the point I am disputing is that the software does not complete the reset and it does. Period.
  7. Nothing I say will change your mind as you are basing your statement on opinion and not on data. For those that are listening, this function of the software is operational and the software developers are to be commended for it.
  8. Is the expectation resetting the KAM will provide smooth operation of the transmission shifts? Because that is not the intention. Again, The Keep Alive Memory is reset using this feature of the software but I think peoples expectation of what the KAM does is misunderstood. The drive cycle is intended to be carried out after the KAM reset in order for the reset figures to learn new parameters following a repair. Naturally the transmission operation following the KAM reset will be erratic, hence the drive cycle.
  9. Do you have any data to support this claim? As I have raw data that indicates the KAM (Keep Alive Memory) is cleared using this function. Not opinion.
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