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  1. Hey Daniel, If the bf mk1 is a toy for playing with, then i'd go with your initial plan of stock turbo setup, 7psi wastegate spring, wideband O2 sensor, stock xr6t tune on your na pcm and start playing(ie road tuning). You can datalog the stock knock sensors if you are road tuning without knock ears, but they might miss minor knocks or might retard due to false knock, but its a starting point. If you blow gearbox or engine then its not a huge expense, but the toy is off the road for while.
  2. I think it is a great way to learn I started with territcompared with FPV f6 and aftermarket 10psi capa generic tune. I since stufied a few different tunes. The compare feature on PCMtec is invaluable for insights into the changes made. If you get the professional level software(which is what i got), then you can generate stock tunes from model catch codes to compare changes from stock and look a different factory tunes like F6 or fg xr6 sprint etc.
  3. Funny that you quoted my post to say "the whole scene" is riddled with impossible steep learning curves and rocket science level equipment. I only bought a territory turbo 6 months ago and only started learning pcmtec since then- with an incredible amount of help from the people on this forum and especially @Roland@pcmtec. I think it is important that people know that there is a risk when tuning yourself without "years of experience a dyno and space x budgets". There's plenty of risk taken by some dyno tuners too - turning off lots of the factory protection features because they
  4. Hi Daniel, in my opinion, one of the limitation in tuning your NA+T with a stock xr6t tune is that the na PCM cant control boost. This means you can only boost by wastegate pressure. With a 7psi spring, you will have more boost and torque in some areas where it might be more likely to detonate or bend rods(especially with the higher compression NA motor) I think the boost control in the PCM is fantastic and it is used in the factory calibration to limit boost and torque in situations that might cause damage. Eg: - Intercooler heat soak- more likely detonation -Before WOT shifts
  5. Hi Kyle, I haven't actually fitted my 42lb injectors yet, so i don't know how accurate this scaling is. I've just used the official bosch data you have already above and used excel to calc for base pressure. I do see it is different(leaner) compared with CAPA data for the 42lb injectors, but that might be a mail order tune fudge factor. obviously once installed you can drive it off boost and watch you fuel trims to get an idea of how accurate.... or even better install wideband and use real data to adjust in real time. Anyway, Excel sheet attached. Hopefully peo
  6. Yeah, matches my experience. All AWD territory's have bosch 8.0 ABS modules, but forscan doesnt seem to be able to change the calibration.... incompatible. It also may cause problems, given the bigger brakes on the F6x, the abs may not function as designed if you could change the calibration. Hill descent is interesting 'cause it was an option on all AWD models, so all calibrations are probably capable of having it, but i dont know how it was enabled at the factory.
  7. to answer my own question. incase it's useful for anyone else. It seems the F6x had a different calibration of the ABS for bigger brakes, but it also must have a different ABS module. Using forscan, if I select F6x in the configeration, it tries to load it to the ABS, but then fails - incompatible module. so im back to my HACH4K6 config
  8. Hi all, I've been playing with a few things on my SY territory turbo ghia. I noticed that the FPV F6x strategy has a few extra parameters particularly for transmission that could be useful.... so, I tried merge to change from HACH4K6 to HACH4A4. trans strategy from 6R79 to 8R79 All seems to work.....but i have ABS and Traction error. Am i correct to assume that this is due to different ABS program? I have Forscan also, and probably can reprogram ABS, but i dont has as built data for the FPV F6x
  9. Hi All, I have a spare DLP8(bought 2 'cause it gets free postage and figured it could help someone else out) So, If anyone wants one, send me a message and you can have it for $45 inc. postage.
  10. If mechanicals check out. Then, not mine, but this is the injector data for another user with 60lb Deka's in a mildly tuned territory turbo. Obviously, use at your own risk, but might be useful to compare injector data for a sanity check and see if it's ball park to what you're using.
  11. So many possibilities, engine swap and turbo swap on LPG engine. I would suggest it might be more likely lean, and cold enrichment covers it up on startup. More likely mechanical or conversion related, not tuning. Obviously, you shouldn't try to tune around a mechanical fault. First, I would ask how much of the standard bf turbo setup do you have? Map sensor? Throttle body? Fuel pressure regulator? Air intake? crossover? Intercooler? Wiring loom? If all of the above is standard bf turbo, then is your fuel pump good enough? Might be low fuel pressure. If that's good... then
  12. Yep, from all the information ive found, there was no difference in the engine or supporting hardware(even the exhaust bung), just tune. I actually got PCMTEC professional just so i could do the changes in the TCM as well. Looking at a couple of extra shift maps, most of it is also just the same. I did some calculation on injector duty cycle from my datalog with f6x higher boost and found its gets to 85% above 4500rpm which i think is why the boost trails off fairly early. First upgrades are exhaust debung and injectors- im thinking bosch 42lb (https://www.tiperformance.com.au/
  13. That one is HACH4A5 i found that one on this page which has a few variations of territory turbo https://www.bulletperformanceracing.com.au/FPV-F6X-Territory.html Regards
  14. Thanks Roland. Good to know that im reading it correct and thanks for the tip on unit change, easier when thinking in a more familiar unit. Time to start testing
  15. Hi all, I have a stock SY territory turbo which I am about to start modifying. I am taking the advice of having a look and different factory tunes, to compare what they change. I am waiting on wideband O2 sensor to arrive and install before i start modifying and datalogging. It may get a full dyno tune done the track once there are a few more mods. I'm looking at the FPV F6x desired boost table and want to make sure I'm reading it correct. This show peak desired boost of 27inHg ie. about 13psi. Is that correct? or is there a multiplying factor that i'm missing? S
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