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  1. will15


    So what’s a DLP a 0-5 volt input eg wideband?, or a channel we can log eg rpm?
  2. will15


    Stupid question what stands for DLP?
  3. just emailed it mate (att Roland to support) cheers.
  4. Should I post the tune here or email?
  5. I have the tune/file but it is already saved is that a problem?
  6. Maybe check the 15th Friday morning just after 8am, I’m sure that’s when it’s was re-flash with a new tune and started running really rough but was previously running fine.
  7. It was yesterday and today not sure on exact time
  8. Just sent the logs and file cheers
  9. I tried the return to stock it didn’t help, I’ll get the logs
  10. Re-read the file no checksum so reflashed it still the same problem, had the batterie charger on the car for all reads. I am thinking of putting standard injectors back in and getting ford to flash it.
  11. Why am I getting this checksum msg when open this tune, I am all so getting vct and tac codes now too could this be a result of the checksum errors?.
  12. will15

    Limp mode?

    How much boost?, have you done valve springs?, if it idled nice with stock injectors and not so well with the id1000 I would say the injectors need a touch up in the tune.
  13. What would be the reason for this msg and logger no longer working, all I did was uncheck the pids I didn’t want to use.
  14. Yes it is 1.21 version, can you show a screen shot I don’t now what you mean by uncheck the parent tree.
  15. Is there a way to uncheck all the pid box’s ay once?. And is there a way to save what you have selected so you don’t have to do it every time you open re-open the data logger.
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