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  1. Nar it’s all happening in open loop, I’m laptop died today hopefully have it back soon and I will do some more logging.
  2. I will see if I can log fuel source. Everything else looks fine
  3. Long terms are turned off, this is a flex fuel tune but I don’t think that’s causing any issues because I tuned another non-flex e85 auto and it did the same thing. Coolant temp vs lamda table looks fine, there must be some multiplier table in there doing it.
  4. I’m pretty happy with my cold start but there is one issue I have not been able to resolve, when coolant temp is around 50c and you restart the car it starts fine but when you put it in gear the commanded lamda go’s form 0.95 to 0.7 and make it hunt for about 10sec then it will go back to lamda 1 but then it will go to lamda 1.17. I think there is a hard limit set to 1 but that gets over ridin. Wideband confirms this as well. If I don’t drive off and put it back in park it will go back to lamda 1 but slip it back to drive and back to 0.7, it will do this in the first 1-2 mins from start up.
  5. Can you send me your tune so I can have a look.
  6. I spent months trying to get cold start right on these things, not the first time iv found a table working backwards probably not the last. Got them starting first time every time on e85 now even on -2 mornings.
  7. I have tried a can’t select any channels in the scanner, they have all disappeared
  8. I have done that, I just found it strange it going up 55 when the max in the tables are 50
  9. Hi im tuning a manual fg turbo and at light cruise it will max out to the timing clip of 55deg, it doesn't matter what numbers are in the main mbt and knock timing tables, Is there a adder table some where?
  10. I did see the flex fuel bit in the scanner, didn’t notice the s ego b1s2 though I will give that a go. Cheers 👍
  11. How do I go about trying to log rear o2 volts for flex fuel on a bf there is no obd2 pid for it. Is there something in the new scanner iv really only be still using hp tuners for logging and only had a little play with the pcmtec scanner.
  12. will15


    So what’s a DLP a 0-5 volt input eg wideband?, or a channel we can log eg rpm?
  13. will15


    Stupid question what stands for DLP?
  14. just emailed it mate (att Roland to support) cheers.
  15. Should I post the tune here or email?
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