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  1. After I turned off pats and re-flashed the vin disappeared and could only reflash in recovery mode, this is not normal?
  2. Hi is there a way to a speed up the reflash on a stand alone ba na ecu, currently I’m using recover mode and it takes about 4mins. Is there any other way?
  3. will15

    stock file

    A8RG will create a stock file but it doesn’t look right (wrong diff ratio and stuff like transfer case enabled) and 8R29-14c204-ARG won’t create a file. Where did you get the HAEDGR2 strategy from?, I will try that.
  4. will15

    stock file

    I have done that which code are supposed to use there is letters and numbers every where
  5. will15

    stock file

    I have used the a8rg to create a stock file but it has weird stuff in it like the wrong diff ratio and transfer case. Sorry I never have had to use a tear tag to create a file, is it a file that is %100 for that car?
  6. will15

    stock file

    It says could not download the following stock file 8r29-7j105-cd . Its in a fg xr6 and some one has swap computers and the tune is all over the place plus the ICC is not working any more. I think its not the right ecu and they have created a new file with A8RG and flashed it in. The tear tag has pcm 8r29-14c204-arg tcm 8r29-7z369-cc
  7. Trying to set this ecu back to stock before i tune it and the return to stock function is not working, can anyone help me out. cheers cag98b org.tec
  8. Hey Roland can we re-scale some of these cold start tables to get better resolution in temp range we need. Some of them are in the -40deg i would say it will never see that kind of temp.
  9. Mines powered and earthed from the rear o2 sensors, you need to use the ecu for power and earth or the voltage off set will wreak havoc on the readings
  10. Nar it’s all happening in open loop, I’m laptop died today hopefully have it back soon and I will do some more logging.
  11. I will see if I can log fuel source. Everything else looks fine
  12. Long terms are turned off, this is a flex fuel tune but I don’t think that’s causing any issues because I tuned another non-flex e85 auto and it did the same thing. Coolant temp vs lamda table looks fine, there must be some multiplier table in there doing it.
  13. I’m pretty happy with my cold start but there is one issue I have not been able to resolve, when coolant temp is around 50c and you restart the car it starts fine but when you put it in gear the commanded lamda go’s form 0.95 to 0.7 and make it hunt for about 10sec then it will go back to lamda 1 but then it will go to lamda 1.17. I think there is a hard limit set to 1 but that gets over ridin. Wideband confirms this as well. If I don’t drive off and put it back in park it will go back to lamda 1 but slip it back to drive and back to 0.7, it will do this in the first 1-2 mins from start up.
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