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  1. I guess it’s just a thing from tuning stand alone ecu’s and running open loop solely off the dc table. I did end up using it and running closed loop.
  2. Is there a way I can run solely off the waste gate dc table and not have any under boost or over boost, then set up desired boost table just for overboots situation protection. This is what I have done for the fg’s And it works great.
  3. If I adjust over boost to say 0.6 then it’s like there is a hard limit of 60 %, what’s the difference between the ba and fg strategy?
  4. But I’m running open loop I don’t ever want it to look at under boost and whack 100%dc
  5. Why can’t I get this ba into open loop boost, I have done a couple of fgs that work really well and used the same method on this car but it’s either 100% dc or 0 I think the open loop over and under scalers are giving me this problem. Any help
  6. Hi I tried to set my password for the editor last night and it said it didn’t recognise my email, I have sent though a email to support and have not had a reply yet. I have a car booked in for a tune tomorrow, any help please.
  7. yeah got flex fuel working, might wait until we can can bus switch with the cruise control switches
  8. ok so can't be done with the flex fuel os.
  9. Is there a automatic launch control how to?
  10. Can we still do it when using a flex fuel os?, is the a how to guide I couldn’t find one.
  11. Is there launch control for autos yet?
  12. So I can’t see that anything has been changed in any of the tables you have mentioned, it has only happened once about 2 weeks ago and I haven’t had the car back to log anything yet.
  13. I did do that and couldn’t see anything, I just wanted to double check.
  14. If I compare to stock I still need to know which tables can cause issues.
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