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  1. is zf tuning the only training package being put together Roland?
  2. Gabbo32

    ECU Wiring FGX

    you can indeed. they stamp the bottom of them with a barcode that is unique to your subscription so if you were to upload them publicly they would know. personal use though, not a drama.
  3. Gabbo32

    ECU Wiring FGX

    i thought the fingerprint was just the barcode on the bottom of each page?
  4. Those Ford patents are awesome. So helpful to understand the theory from Ford's perspective.
  5. Where does a manual's pcm's C20 loom side pink and brown go? or is it just an internal diode on those?
  6. What do you mean "do all of this" Roland? With the above wiring mod done and the can circuit communicating again, is it not just a matter of uploading a suitable OSID eg a manual fg xr6t in place of the auto OSID? Do all the other modules such as BCM, ICC have to be reprogrammed individually?
  7. Gabbo32


    may be a silly question, but what would be required to log directly to the tactrix using the microSD port?
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