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  1. Issue is same no matter what boost setting is
  2. No. On low boost 7 psi it holds flat until the cam starts advancing then boost climbs with revs. On high boost 18 psi hold flat from 3000 rpmto 6200 rpm but power drops off aggressive when cam plays up. I am going to swap oil back to original 10w30 as besides turbo only other thing that is the only other thing changed to a 15w40
  3. I would believe so if under normal loads wouldn't respond but it's only under full load above 4500 rpm everywhere else is fine
  4. There just the basic crow upgrade spring. Oil is 15w40 and at 4500 rpm have about 50 psi
  5. They work fine with normal loads but under full load there dropping to low retard
  6. I will get a log. No faults crow springs bf turbo cams in fg gas motor. It was all tuned and fine before only thing that was changed was the turbo
  7. Update finally got a chance to try that file supplied and works perfect as it should. We also turned off convetor lock up under 75 kph and car is so much better to drive
  8. So car has been converted from na to turbo and been running fine since then I have upgraded the turbo and when we are trying to retune anything above 4500rpm cam control seems to be advancing itself and not responding to anything we tell it to do above 4500 under load. There are no faults at all and we tried another set of solenoids all no change
  9. Awesome will definitely try that
  10. The only other optioned I've seen is play with output speeds in manual mode
  11. Awesome will give that a go. Yes you are correct with the eboost just trying to maintain the boost level, it does have capabilities of boost by gear and boost by rpm but for the effort for it to work with the fg ecu it would be cheaper and easier to convert to turbo ecu
  12. Cheers for that puff it's mainly at wot shift I'm noticing it and I'm running 44mm external wastegate setup so it has plenty of control everywhere else. I'm just guessing the torque reductions are making the large spike
  13. Hi I'm just wondering for manual mode in the zf can I completely eliminate kick down shifts via the tune just to help from killing the trans. I know there is a detent switch u can feel but would like to have more control without having to think about it
  14. Sorry to dig up old thread but can I do anything with tuning to stop overboost on shifts when I'm still using a fg na ecu and eboost for boost control. The eboost worms flawless but on the shift with the reduction I seen reasonably large spikes from this
  15. Thank you ill compare to what I have
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