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  1. I have all but the first TPS value zeroed, and it goes into open loop just above idle or just pushing on the throttle pedal.
  2. So, do you read it in reverse in a sense?
  3. I'm a bit confused with this info, if the pcm takes the value of 590 as WOT, why does your transition table show the value of 100 at 6000 rpm, asuming that you would be at WOT at 6000 rpm? Cheers
  4. Sorry, it's ok I have found them now Thanks
  5. I'm running the latest beta. I have selected probably 5 out of only about 10 to 15. I expected to see more available pids. I have only had a brief look at it so far though
  6. That's handy to know, thankyou so much
  7. Probably an obvious answer but if open loop is on all the time, even at idle does this mean that the pcm is going to the fuel table all the time? Also, does the pcm still receive input from say the ect or iat? Cheers Steve
  8. Hi, I've only seen a small amount of channels that are being logged at the moment, do I need to change a setting or is it because it's only a beta? Cheers
  9. Thankyou Roland, can't wait to have a look at it Steve
  10. Hi, i've seen some people getting a copy of the beta, is it available to anyone? Cheers
  11. fordsrule


    Hey, is this beta open to anyone? Thx
  12. Hi, well typically I can't find the post/s at the moment but if I come across something I'll get back to you. But apart from that is it fair to say that the word "boost" wouldn't be used if talking about an n/a? Cheers Roland
  13. Hi, I have come back to this for another read and have noticed that this gear wizard is able to pull the relevant data from the tune, is this done automatically? Cheers
  14. Hi, i might be off topic here but i have a newbie question about boost. I have been reading what i can about na engines, but the word boost seems to come up a lot, is it still relating to na? If so, what or where is this boost they are referring to? Thanks in advance Steve
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