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  1. fordsrule


    Well I managed to get all the channels back again by removing the saved layout from the directory so the program had to load the default which was everything Bingo!!
  2. fordsrule


    Ok, so are you saying that I should connect it to the car and this will enable me to get the channels back?
  3. fordsrule


    Hi, well I checked the Speed Density channel/s to test if it saves it. It did save the layout and I did have it connected to the car as well, if this made a difference I don't know.. So. that worked strange how it didn't before. I uploaded a log too Cheers Steve
  4. fordsrule


    In fact the file name is the date and time it was saved
  5. fordsrule


    I am using 1.22 Beta, I shall try to send the logs
  6. fordsrule


    Hi, I have a question about how to load a layout after saving it. How do you do it? lol I have used File/load layout and select a layout file but the loaded file is not what I saved It seems to save correctly or it goes through the process at least but I can't retrieve the file back again I have included a saved layout that just has some changes to Speed Density, I can't tell if it has been saved properly or not but what is loaded is just blank as in no changes show up Thanks Steve 02-02-2020 12-10-29 PM.tlo
  7. Ok, thankyou. The injectors are stock as far as I know Cheers Steve
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding the calculation to increase the calculated air mass in order to get extra fuel, this calculation is based on the commanded lambda being less than the actual lambda. So if in the case where the commanded is more than the actual lambda, it may be obvious but i'm just checking if I simply do the inverse when calculating? In other words where the equation says to multiply I would divide? Cheers Steve
  9. Hi, will pcmtec sofyware allow to tune the Haltec Elite ecu that is for the Ford? As you may know, they put out a direct swap ecu, but as well as that they have software that goes with it apparently, but I'd like to use pcmtec cause it's something I paid for and am learning how to use. Cheers
  10. fordsrule


    Data Loss Prevention
  11. I have all but the first TPS value zeroed, and it goes into open loop just above idle or just pushing on the throttle pedal.
  12. So, do you read it in reverse in a sense?
  13. I'm a bit confused with this info, if the pcm takes the value of 590 as WOT, why does your transition table show the value of 100 at 6000 rpm, asuming that you would be at WOT at 6000 rpm? Cheers
  14. Sorry, it's ok I have found them now Thanks
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