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  1. What was the outcome of this problem? Anyone know? Cheers
  2. That sounds good, that will make it easier. Is there a guide of some sort available for the data logger, there are some things I don't understand?
  3. Oh good grief, I searched with different combinations etc and didn't find it Thanks mate lol
  4. Well I tried TPS, would that find it?
  5. Sorry if this question exists already I couldn't find it. I need to log the tps volts, will PCMTech logger do it and what channel is it please? Thanks, Steve
  6. Oh ok, thankyou for explaining that👍
  7. This doesn't work for me, any ideas? I have the ver 1.22 Cheers, Steve
  8. I take it that you can't turn the sensor off?
  9. Yep, took the words right out of my mouth lol I did some (educated) guessing with my FG n/a and whilst it still needs tweeking it feels pretty good on the road, I recon there's more in it. I don't know if this is normal but at around 140kph, it kicked back to 4th when I pressed the pedal to the floor, the front lifted and it just took off, scared me half to death lol, so I backed off No time to check the afr gauge so don't know what it read, but I do have it going at touch richer
  10. What about changing the fuel table, if you haven't done so yet?
  11. Yes, i understand that, my question is, is it meant to be set to zero or one? Thanks
  12. Hi, I've come back to the subject of Speed Density again to study it some more and have a question regarding the IMRC. I have discovered that the switch/s are auF0013 = "0" and auF0012 is also "0". I take it this means "off" The car is the XR6 N/A with a CAI Also, in my limited understanding of Speed Density tuning, wouldn't it be better to have the IMRC operational? Thanks in advance Cheers
  13. fordsrule


    If you just return the directory back to default, like it was just installed by creating a backup folder for example, move your data files etc to that folder then close the program down and reopen it, it should have all the channels again, you may have to connect to the car with ignition on so it can read from it
  14. fordsrule


    Well I managed to get all the channels back again by removing the saved layout from the directory so the program had to load the default which was everything Bingo!!
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