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  1. Up the p/n limits and pull decel timing back to 0, and either add timing to reduce crackle or retard for more
  2. Hey guys and girls im just trying to work out what to log while tuning a zf to work out how much to add to the on/off coming shift tables? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey fellas has anyone had any luck making an Na fg burble on gear changes ?
  4. No worries thanks fellas
  5. Being on e85 means you can mbt it up top, keep putting timing in until it stops yielding reasonable gains. Remeber it will never ping/knock on e85, if you add to much timing you will start to lose power.
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to know if anyone has successfully got the zf shift burble working in a bf turbo/territory turbo ? I have tried putting fg sprint torque settings in and having a play but the trans either cuts to hard on the shift and slams into gear or it goes back to a standard shift.
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