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  1. So what your saying is that it'll be done in 2 weeks?! 😁
  2. You're asking for a free tune here. No please, no interaction, no punctuation, all caps and your other posts aren't much better. There is an entire farken thread about it that you're posting in. Learn some forum etiquette and it'll take you a long way buddy.
  3. Sorry got cranky kids to sort out and dinner to cook. Be back later.
  4. It will only ever trim to stoich, a narrowband can't trim to a commanded afr. Sounds like a similar issue that was somewhat recently posted here and was solved with a new O2 sensor.
  5. Finally got it sorted and I'm not 100% how I fixed it, but after unplugging and replugging the ICC, the ICC came to life and after that I pulled the tune.
  6. Also won't connect to Forscan so must be some bs going on with the obd2 port or something along those lines.
  7. Howdy all and merry Christmas. I've decided to pull a pcm/tcm tune from my Falcon today and it ain't connecting. It was previously licensed with PCMTec several years ago and has sat idle since then. I had licensed it with the motor out and the trans connected while on the ground next to the car and it worked fine then. The only thing plugged into the loom was the trans, no the, injectors, tmap etc. Today I've dragged the trans over to the car and plugged it in, connected the battery and done the usual to read the flash and it is saying that it can't recognise the car by the
  8. In regard to spark source, how many are there? I'm seeing mine change between borderline and foreground borderline and am curious to learn why.
  9. I see a dozen LS based vehicles tuned to every Barra. Any thoughts about GM support?
  10. Pull the handbrake. I've held all the boost in first gear with the brake pedal smashed into the floor and the handbrake on.
  11. That is correct. I'll put it differently...0.1 is a big change for these parameters. The whole scale is only 0 to 1. I should have made that clear in my other post.
  12. I wouldn't change them drastically as they make a big difference with a small change eg: 0.1 of a change can be too much. This has been my experience.
  13. Puffwagon

    Carb Barra

    250 crossflow is better than 308
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