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  1. That sounds pretty good mate. Looking forward to using it at some stage.
  2. Does this mean you can have multiple (2?) flex maps eg: high boost flex and low boost flex?
  3. Good write up rolls. To play devils advocate, ive seen plenty of people get too caught up with tuning their computer and forget they are tuning an engine and the results show. As i said earlier use the high slope for wot and the low slope for idle and start up. This is all anyone needs to know to in regard to slopes to effectively tune their car, as long as they know what an engine needs and they have a good set of matrix goggles.
  4. Excel is a good starting point, I did a similar thing when I worked out my injector data a few years back. I found that there is some real world difference from excel to when you put the numbers into the tune, and you will more than likely have to move the slopes around slightly to get them spot on for your vehicles setup. There's plenty of info available and people willing to help, so good luck with it!
  5. If it's a bit tricky to understand I can explain it differently so you can understand it.
  6. This does not contradict my comment, and yes I'm 100% sure my comment is correct about how the injector slopes and breakpoint works. Head over to the injector dynamics website and read up for yourself.
  7. The low slope doesn't affect the WOT fuelling and in the most cases won't be in use, other than idle, decel and very low speed cruise. As per the ID diagram, the low slope only pertains to the non linear part of the injector slope that is below the break point. It is the high slope that affects WOT.
  8. That wouldn't work as you'd lose power from venting the compressed air. You'd be trying to stall up the na version of your motor instead of the turbo version. Take a look here mate http://www.autospeed.com/cms/article.html?&title=The-AllElectronic-BlowOff-Valve&A=2188
  9. If I win the lottery next week we'll make it happen...???so I guess it ain't happening ???
  10. No they don't currently. Cough cough...
  11. I meant for this part of your comment.
  12. Where do I plug my headphones in? ?
  13. Here. Hopefully the link still works.
  14. Ok it didn't do it again. This time it uninstalled and reinstalled fine. The only thing that was a bit out of the ordinary was the desktop icon was blank for about 10 seconds before the pcmtec logo appeared.
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