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  1. Decel doesn't matter, so just leave it as is and don't worry about it.
  2. I've got an auto and use rolling antilag all the time. I use it to launch the car too. I don't use a rev limiter at all, I use -20 timing in the launch tune after the rpm I want it to activate ie; 2250rpm onwards, for launching on a stock converter, and set the entire fuel map in the launch tune to 0.75 lambda. I've set my desired boost to 17psi and the wg table to whatever will be close to 17psi. It will cut the boost after 17psi according the the over/underboost settings so either import them to the launch tune or adjust your launch tune desired boost accordingly. It can push
  3. The exhaust cam shuts the valve at 7 degrees atdc, tho that'll depend on the cam gear setting, so I spose it might be a bit more than 2000rpm. I'll work it out 😁
  4. Ah ok so basically under 2000rpm or so and then the rest should be ok? I'll be trying it out later in the week so will report how I went.
  5. Hi I'm looking to use this method with locked vct, large cams and up to 40psi of boost. Given that there are only 6 rows for the Y axis, am I to scale the Y axis in 10psi increments ie; 0 to 50psi ? I noticed that there are 8 cells when you go to change the axis values. Also wondering which tables will reference the off boost driving etc. Any help is appreciated 😁
  6. There are no training guides for workshop edition owners. For the most part they already know how to tune so don't need training. Support is generally limited to technical issues, although there have been numerous write-ups in the forum that are extremely helpful and would be a reason shops want it kept private. If you want to learn how to tune you need to understand how everything works and that's years of mechanical knowledge right there. Then there is the software specific side of it which is fairly easy to work out when you've done it before. If your car is already
  7. Another way of learning how to tune is to download a bunch of aftermarket ecu manuals and have a read. I learnt a fair bit from the haltech e11v2 manual back in the day.
  8. Well we all start somewhere don't we... This is a simple way of looking at it; Think of the slope numbers as how big the ecu thinks the injector is. For the sake of making it easy, lets assume both slopes are the same number. If you make them 100 the ecu will run an afr of 14.7 for example. It wont actually be that afr but lets just say it is. If we make the slope number smaller, the ecu thinks the injector is smaller and will open the injector for longer which will run richer. So there is one way of thinking about how the size of the slopes work. The rea
  9. I've had a similar issue where the cams wouldn't respond at all and were locked at -10. I swapped the solenoids to no avail and the fix for me was swapping the phasers/gears.
  10. Hi Scott, I'll get it sent through this evening.
  11. I'm sure my personal one is good enough to signal a leanout. I use the dyno for tuning 99% of the time nowadays and 6 new ngk sensors turned up last week for the dyno, so at least one of them should be ok 😉 I'm all for logging everything when it's called for, but in the case of someone doing the most basic road tuning ie: sub 250rwkw per this thread, logging fuel pressure is a waste of money imo. If we move the goal posts to shop tuning then it starts a new conversation that is better suited for another thread 😁
  12. I'm out shopping but will reply later 😁
  13. Yeah mate it all comes down to how they are treated. I've put over 900awhp and 1500awnm though my stock turbo zf before it slipped but I also treat it as well as it can be. Currently no in gear slippage at 800awhp 😉 In saying that you can't shift it at that power level and obviously will have a much shorter lifespan than usual. Strong disagree. You don't need to log fuel pressure on most lightly modded cars. It'll show up on the wideband if you know what you are looking for. Yerp. No one wants to share their failures and making power once on a dyno d
  14. It wont blow up on the dyno as the operator can keep an eye on things. Even an experienced tuner can't watch everything on the road. A beginner will be flying blind unless they start with an already safely tuned car and start logging it. You won't know what you did but I'll tell you now to save you the effort. It'll have too much timing and will break a ring land and/or snap a rod cos there will be too much boost. Yeah nah that wont happen. I've seen first hand a na box take over 400rwkw and obviously all the torque that goes with that, for 18 months
  15. I've tried to have a look but pcmtec has just ctd several times in a row.
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