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  1. Aaaayyyyyy. Is it possible to make the vertical scrolling line in the data logger responsive to the cursors at all times instead of after a left click? Also because the line is at the far left or far right after highlighting an area of the log, when you go to click the line to move it, it will move the highlighted area of the log which is annoying. That's all I can think of right now but already I'm liking this software a lot more than hpt, especially the super fast partial write times and the fact that the data logger and tuning navigator are in the same program.
  2. It would appear that it doesn't matter but there are so many tables linked together, that changing one by zeroing it out can affect many others. For this reason I leave it alone and also there is too much stuffing around with the timing map to get the same result. But at then end of the day you're tuning the car, not the pcm. If the car is running right, correct afr and timing and still has the factory fail-safes working how you want them, then however you choose do it is ok. That's my opinion on things anyway.
  3. Relying on the knock sensors will leave you 2 to 3 degrees short. These motors are severely knock limited on 98 octane so it's very easy to find peak power by listening to the engine. Nothing wrong with road tuning, it will get you the same result as a dyno, if you have a set of matrix goggles.
  4. Yeah I dunno why they are so different. You can follow where the engine moves through the map by watching the rpm, load and timing and then you can see how it responds to adding or removing timing down low/off boost. Re your last post, I dunno what's up with the timing table. It looks like it isn't really suited for anything. It's got more timing where it should have less, and less timing where it should have more. Maybe it's set up to run a 100 shot while on e85 🤣
  5. That depends on your mods etc. I would choose whatever map came out of your car to start with as the low and medium load stuff will be where you want it. You also need to consider the corrections for iat, lambda etc and cam timing. As these aren't mentioned with the timing maps you posted you can't just say which one is better. BUT If I had to pick from the 3 maps you've posted I would go with the third one as that is the closest to the actual numbers most people modding a fairly stock vehicle will end up with on 98 octane. To fix the map slightly I'd copy the 1.8 load values and paste them to the 2.4 load values. Then I'd interpolate the vertical cells from 1.6 load to 2.4 load. It'll need some more fiddling but it'd be very close. Before you did that you'd want to log it and see where the timing is and go from there. Then of course you need to log what happens afterwards and have some knock detection gear on hand so you don't hurt the motor. It depends on how much load you've got, but no. A load of 2.4 is roughly 20 to 24psi depending on where in the rev range it is. With the size of the motor and the size of a stock turbo you would want to have a larger timing number below the boost threshold to get it (the vehicle) making more power and moving quicker. If you had a giant turbo then you might decide to change the timing to get it spooling quicker but generally you don't do that. As always, that's just my opinion. With all of that said you need to work this out yourself for the car in question, but it's a starting point.
  6. I just set up my techedge and it was straight forward. 0V = 9 afr and 5V = 19 afr. With the equation, I literally put a 9 and a 19 in the first and second cells respectively in the right column and it was done. It will interpolate between the first 2 vertical cells so there is no need to use the entire column.
  7. Nvm I went outside to take a look and it automatically inserted itself at the top of the channel list. 🙃
  8. Can you insert the dlp log into the vehicle log to view the afr against rpm etc?
  9. I just ordered one of these and the total was $87 with shipping. I chucked a set of screwdrivers in the cart to get the total over $60 and the total came down to $67. Winning!
  10. Yep it sure is! It's a pretty cool feature that's for sure.
  11. I pulled the cruise control button for rolling antilag while decelerating in my zf trans territory turbo.The decel is stock so I think there's half a second of fuel going through before it cuts off. Sorry to the lady riding her bike as I went past, it wasn't very loud while the exhaust wasn't hot but after the drive it backfired very loudly.
  12. It sounds like a step in the right direction. I just went for a little drive and got 760s (12.6 minutes) log with 10 channels. Playing back, the cpu is at 40% or so. I did the auto connect disable before I plugged it in and it seemed to do the trick.
  13. Ok sounds good, I'll hold out on the upgrade for a while. Just a quick question regarding frame updates; will this affect the polling rate or is it only a display/playback setting?
  14. I looked it up and it's part of the graphics driver. The latest driver for the display adapter is from windows 8 days so I don't think any updates for it will be forthcoming. I guess we can see how this pc responds to various changes, but I think it's fair to say it's probably time for an upgrade based off our findings.
  15. Ok no worries. I'll see how it goes with less charts to render. I checked the windows logs and the CTD's were graphics related. The faulting module was igd10um32.dll. I wouldn't have even thought to look at this until you mentioned the gpu earlier. I think that without some form of gpu an older dual core machine probably isn't going to have a good time of it, as we've seen.
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