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  1. A quick question; if you can read and save the file when it's locked then what is to prevent someone from taking photos of the relevant parts of a tune and manually entering them into a new tune? It's slightly tedious but worth it in some instances. If (?) you could compare a locked file to stock then it would be very easy to find the modified scalars and tables etc.
  2. Straight e85 for now. I'll get a flex sensor etc one day. I'm interested to see how you go with this as it's likely you aren't the only one seeing this.
  3. I've since rescaled the injectors (bosch 1000's) with id1050x data to suit e85 (available on the injector dynamics website) and I've removed the delay table completely. The cranking is the same and the cold base is the same and it starts every morning these past few days. The high slope is 67 and the low slope is 58. It isn't perfect (I just haven't put in the time yet) but as you mentioned this info will point people in the right direction and should definitely gets peoples cars starting on e85.
  4. Here is a thread that might help. There are some files that have various data.
  5. I've attached a parameter file to this post which has the cold start settings for my territory on e85. The changes are to fuel cranking lambda, fuel base cold and fuel base cold decay. Worth noting is that although I have the decay set to a minute, my tune will switch to closed loop after 30 seconds. I might need to extend it but haven't had a play with it yet. The car started at 8C this morning with the attached settings. E85 cold start settings, fuel cranking lambda, fuel base cold and fuel base cold decay.param
  6. I think it was because resistfingerprinting was true in the browser.
  7. My browser was being a dickhead and posting the wrong time stamps on another forum. I just posted here to check if it was happening here. I think it would have taken 24 hours before the actual time came up on the post anyway.
  8. Testing the browser time.
  9. As an example of torque reduction, I tried loading the car up on the brake in 3rd gear at low rpm, before logging the run. The car felt very sluggish compared to just planting it with no brake boosting. When I reviewed the log, the throttle wasn't fully open until just after 4000rpm, which showed as a massive dip in the virtual dyno graph I made. I haven't gotten around to removing any torque reductions yet and I'm ok with that, as it rarely affects how the car drives, but in your case 20% throttle clearly needs sorting out.
  10. Is the throttle blade staying completely open while this is happening? The only way I can think of making 3 pounds at WOT via the tune is for the throttle to be closed for torque reduction.
  11. Yeah it's pretty crazy how complex it has become. After watching this clip it gave me a new appreciation for what you guys have achieved and also for being able to have the version of PCMTec that I have.
  12. Here's a clip that I thought would interest a lot of people on this forum.
  13. The reason I suggested logging fuel source is in case the cold map was causing the issue. The more channels you log, the more chance of noticing something happening, but I'm sure that's fairly obvious. So the stft is not causing it to do it? The fuel trim would react to an afr change like that but it's not moving before the afr changes? Is the nbo2 sensor all good? Sometimes the wiring can get hot and can melt, causing issues. Just brainstorming here, maybe it helps, maybe not.
  14. What are your trims doing just before and when this happens? Is there a tip in fuel thing that is used when it gets put into gear? What fuel source is it using when this happens? Is there some funky interpolating going on at this temp? Is there a large difference between the base fuel and cold fuel map that it's possibly switching between? Just a few things I would think of looking at, mebbe someone has something else to add?
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