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  1. I emailed my licensed file through a little while back so I could have a look at the boost by gear and map swap over etc and a custom os was emailed back, without flex fuel support. I am keen to have the flex fuel option however. I wonder if you still have my original file? Could you please clarify what is "automated in the next version of the editor"? I'm just a little confused about the automatic update and the 2 credit update. At any rate I will go ahead with the flex option so will proceed based upon your advice. Thanks mate.
  2. https://www.independentmotorsports.com.au/3-bar-map-sensor-direct-fit-for-ba-bf-falcon-terri
  3. Haha I don't know why I was saying boost sensor in my earlier post. Maybe cos I was looking at a boost sensor adapter next to my monitor that I was going to give to a dude? Nvm. It is the map sensor that gets replaced, at any rate. https://www.independentmotorsports.com.au/ford-xr6-turbo-map-sensor-brake-out-loom-adaptors
  4. You can use the custom os and use a different boost sensor. It's a Bosch unit. I can't remember the part numbers off the top of my head. Independent motorsports sell a sensor. Ihatetoads over on the xr6 forum worked with Bluestreak to get the scaling right for a bigger sensor. They might help. There was a dude here setting up a 4 bar sensor that could probably steer you in the right direction. I guess the specifics of the exact bit of info could be chucked in a sticky somewhere.
  5. I have a 66mm turbo with a ported internal gate. I've tried leaving a dip in the boost maps where the gear change lands and that works, except it comes on boost slower. Apparently that is common practice. I also messed with some of the overboost and turbo settings and had some luck there. It's been a while since I played with it so can't remember it all from the top of my head. I think that the internal gate isn't big enough and cant react quick enough to prevent boost spikes in an auto car but maybe someone knows better?
  6. Have a look here mate. Darryl has done a write up about this.
  7. Lemme just test the swear filter...awesome!!!?
  8. You already mentioned the rear o2 and the power steering input. I don't think we'd need more than that but you never know.
  9. That's an idea. Have more than one 0 to 5 volt input. Whether there could be 3 or more maps is something that Roland or Darryl can tell us.
  10. Run the required timing and fuel and throttle settings in one map to create antilag and then have a momentary switch to activate it. I wonder if you could also do some zf solenoid control so it'd be in neutral on an antilag map then go into gear on the normal map?
  11. I don't see why you would have to. I licensed an already tuned hp tuners file. In saying that, in the past, when swapping flash tuning devices you would want to start from stock to ensure that you know exactly what has been changed. With how extensive pcmtec is I think that they would have all of the parameters and more that other tuning solutions have. I would still start from a blank slate tho and use the parameter importing feature to knock most of it out.
  12. I can imagine. I've done mine from scratch a few times and it's very time consuming especially if you have to work out the injector data beforehand.
  13. Wow I only just had a look at what can be done with the value files. This is awesome. Such a massive time saver!
  14. I just tried out the attached file and it worked as intended. Even if it doesn't set up the fuelling perfectly it'll be a great starting point and time saver. Flex fuel will be great as most of my driving is done at hwy speeds and is a waste of e85. It'll be good to be able to mostly drain the tank on the weekend, top it up with e85 and not have to stuff around with the tune several times.
  15. A place to suggest and discuss features that will improve the software, make the software more intuitive to use and speed up the tuning process.
  16. That's all good mate. I'll start the thread after if you want it up. Haha ironically I've had to fix the spark tables to read one decimal place but it'll solve the issue that will15 and i had. I did think of another thing tho. Being able to highlight one line at a time so they're isn't a mess of lines to look through with the new feature. It's a good addition however ☺️
  17. This should go into a new thread methinks. It'll have much better visibility.
  18. That's the exact thing that caught me out. Will15 it's similar to excel where you drag the size of the column if you're familiar with that? Haha nothing wrong with being a bit retarded occasionally. I have those moments from time to time ?
  19. Off the top of my head without thinking into it too much...I love a good brainstorm ? Prefilled injector data for most mainstream injectors at stock reg pressure. Perhaps a fuel pressure offset table for guys running aftermarket regs at different/constant pressures. Could you do a fuel pressure input and have a variable speed pump control output? You want one decimal place for spark as it is pretty common to use half a degree. Would it be possible to have a wideband input, a desired afr map and some type of histogram to show the offset needed to achieve it along with influencing tables/scalars? Something similar for spark and knock would be good but I spose that is pretty standard. Being able to change the whole table by the logged offset, ala winlog/tewblog, would enable quick map adjustments. You've already mentioned data tracing and highlighting every affected table/scalar. This will be awesome. A basic zf tuning manual highlighting which shift tables need to be changed to increase pressure and shift speed/points for paying customers. On that topic perhaps varying degrees of prefilled zf tune that can be used at ones own risk. We've already got reds and greens but perhaps a warning system for clearly incorrect or dangerous cell entries. Although there is a range for the cell, we already saw today that an incorrect entry can cause problems. This could be limited to (final?) spark, fuel and wastegate areas. Basic stock tune upgrade wizard. Detect the pcm/tcm and providing everything is stock (confirmed by the tuner/customer), load a suitable tune from a higher powered car such as f6, sprint etc. This will help noobs upgrade safely, at their own risk of course. Wideband input with throttle blade close function on lean out. This could be tuned with map vs afr voltage. There's a few spelling mistakes in the software as well, not that I'm picking. I guess that's part of getting it polished. Anyhow, hopefully there's something good in there.
  20. Corrupted file? Does that happen with these cars? I've had that happen with an aftermarket unit and it wouldn't change the fuelling no matter what I did. I reloaded the file and it fixed it. Just a thought.
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