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  1. Just did a quick log. The IBP is reading correctly and showing 50psi which is 35psig. The manifold absolute pressure is still stuck at 38psi, which it never used to be. It is still showing a very minor underboost error which is odd, as the desired boost is 10psi under the actual boost at this time. There is nothing in the wg settings that would allow it to act like this. It should hit boost cut (0.8 cut) at 5psi over target. The boost cut used to work. I'm using the Tmap switchover and it is set to 4.2 volts. I left it there to keep the drivability of the stock tmap. I spose I can try it at 2 volts or something?!
  2. I'm using a bosch 4 bar map and I worked out the scaling ages ago. It is 26.75 etc slope and 1.84 etc offset. The log is showing 77ingh/37.9psi/363kpag when the actual boost was 39.5 psig. It has shown more boost in the log than 23psi before, but now it isn't showing the correct amount. The log shows 363 kpag. If I put 363 kpag into the unit converter it turns it into 463 kpa. If I change it in the log from kpag to kpa, it minuses 100kpa instead of adding it. I'll try the IBP logging and see if that changes anything.
  3. I have just noticed that in the log it shows 363 kpag and it converts to 260 kpa in the drop down. The unit converter says it should show 463kpa when the log shows 363kpag.
  4. Howdy folks, I've noticed that my map values in the log have changed recently and don't read the correct amount of pressure. I used to subtract the baro pressure from the absolute map in the log and that would give me my boost reading. The highest I saw was 46 absolute or something so I figured that it was getting data from the 4 bar boost sensor. Lately it looks like it is pegged at 23psi which makes me wonder if it has reverted to the stock Tmap. I was doing some tuning yesterday and ran about 40psi of boost according to the dyno and the log still shows 23psi. I also noticed that the boost error is always showing it to be under which has been causing the closed loop boost control to go nuts. I asked for 27psi after 5000rpm and it ran 40psi. This was ok as I knew it was going to happen and the fuel was there etc etc, but it seems as though there is something going on. Anyhow that's about it. Any ideas are appreciated.
  5. Yeah it is a built motor with a 40 thou MLS gasket. Comp will be mid 8's. I've pushed about 480 through a stock bottom end and also had one let go at about 350.
  6. I only run that timing cos the motor is happy there. I certainly wouldn't do that with a stock motor.
  7. Just the usual, around 0.8 to 0.82. Tuner nerd is great, I love it.
  8. Yeah I've read all the posts. I don't think your issue is related to spring pressure or preload. In my experience a looser preload is much more controllable in regard to boost spiking. There is a good way to tune the wgdc table while still using closed loop and you can dial it all in fairly quickly. Basically the short version is; set the desired boost table, watch the under and over boost effect on the wgdc in the log and set the base table from there. Change the under and overboost settings before the min and max wgdc if needed.
  9. I wouldn't add preload at this stage. It'll probably make matters worse. Get your head around the closed loop control, don't mess with the pids and only use the base table to get a rough approximation of where the wgdc needs to be. Closed loop can work wonders when set up right.
  10. He already owns and uses the eboost. You get the rpm signal from the negative wire on a coil, so it's a matter of connecting a wire and setting up the ebc. I'd follow up with the rpm based boost control first as it'll be a free exercise. Hell it might even work! If that fails then I'd consider buying another pcm, licensing and tuning it, as that will cost a lot of money very quickly. My 2c tho, do what ya like 🙃
  11. It will but the turbo will have slowed down considerably at 5500 compared to previously.
  12. I spose you'd grab a signal from a coil for that? It would be easy to sort that out and then you could get it to fall on it's face at 5500rpm so when you shift there is minimal boost there.
  13. There are several things that cause overboost between shifts and having a large spark cut can be one of them. Porting the turbine housing wg hole and fitting a larger flap can help and also setting the preload so the flap is barely holding shut can help too. Shifting at a higher rpm can help too, in my experience.
  14. So what your saying is that it'll be done in 2 weeks?! 😁
  15. You're asking for a free tune here. No please, no interaction, no punctuation, all caps and your other posts aren't much better. There is an entire farken thread about it that you're posting in. Learn some forum etiquette and it'll take you a long way buddy.
  16. Sorry got cranky kids to sort out and dinner to cook. Be back later.
  17. It will only ever trim to stoich, a narrowband can't trim to a commanded afr. Sounds like a similar issue that was somewhat recently posted here and was solved with a new O2 sensor.
  18. Finally got it sorted and I'm not 100% how I fixed it, but after unplugging and replugging the ICC, the ICC came to life and after that I pulled the tune.
  19. Also won't connect to Forscan so must be some bs going on with the obd2 port or something along those lines.
  20. Howdy all and merry Christmas. I've decided to pull a pcm/tcm tune from my Falcon today and it ain't connecting. It was previously licensed with PCMTec several years ago and has sat idle since then. I had licensed it with the motor out and the trans connected while on the ground next to the car and it worked fine then. The only thing plugged into the loom was the trans, no the, injectors, tmap etc. Today I've dragged the trans over to the car and plugged it in, connected the battery and done the usual to read the flash and it is saying that it can't recognise the car by the vin etc and to try recovery mode. I've tried recovery mode to no avail. It is saying that a module is missing or doesnt have power. I've cleaned the trans plug, unplugged and replugged the pcm, tried a different battery, double checked cable drivers, checked fuses with no luck. I've thing I've noticed is that occasionally the dash will do a sweep and mostly it won't. Sometimes the rpm will sweep to 7k and the speed will only sweep to 35kph. Also the fuel gauge will occasionally sit in different spots but mostly sit where it should. The only things that have changed since it last worked are obviously the vehicle has sat unused for several years and also quite obviously PCMTec has progressed a number of versions. Anyhow hopefully there's enough info for some ideas and thanks in advance for any replies.
  21. In regard to spark source, how many are there? I'm seeing mine change between borderline and foreground borderline and am curious to learn why.
  22. I see a dozen LS based vehicles tuned to every Barra. Any thoughts about GM support?
  23. Pull the handbrake. I've held all the boost in first gear with the brake pedal smashed into the floor and the handbrake on.
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