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  1. Can you just cheat and bump the idle up 150 or so rpm?
  2. that setting is for a fg based computer, not the bf based computer we have in the territory. i was not able to find a DC on gear-change in my config. turbos barras have a known problem where as you fit a higher flow exhaust, the turbo works to efficiently and the size of the stock wastgate is not generally large enough to vent boost at higher pressures/better exhausts. what sort of boost spike are you talking about?
  3. thats a big jump... most injectors would go from 1000cc to 1150 or so cc with 4 bar regs......was this tested on flow bench? otherwise id be back to considering leaky injectors causing bad afr readings
  4. have you read the injector thread? just eyeballing your data your high slope looks a bit low for 1000's. also, as mentioned, brand name injector, with data is what you need. perhaps get your flowtested
  5. After much testing its come down to a mechanical issue, with the high flow exhaust we are not able to accurately control boost with the standard internal gate. I have begun the route of fitting an 45mm external wastegate to the car, this should resolve the mechanical flow issues.
  6. HACH4K6.HEX / 77DB PROFESSIONAL being a territory, i assume its more in line with the BF and wont have the FG things for DC during shift event.
  7. Hi Roland, i dont have auF2714 or auF3002 on the territory file.
  8. yeah its also kinda why i asked about that elec bov trigger during gear change, cause its allways sort of done it to an extent. but i guess if spark retards still spooling turbo, having the bov dump may just cause it to overspeed the turbine. idk, ill keep playing.
  9. I changed auF1479 to .95 and it certainly reduced the noise and angryness of the pops and bangs. then today i was getting a check engine light and traction control light was coming one randomly, but going away after a restart then sometimes coming back. I actually payed attention to my boost gauge (it has no light and recent been all night driving).. its over boosting in 1-2 since removing the mid muffler and on the shift event its holding quit a bit of boost in the change even, like 16 psi...so the check eng light was the wastegate check/fail dealo... i data loged all 4 wheel sensors and the steering angle and everything seems to be working when i did the data log...so i guess ill be lucky to catch it when its a problem. anywho, reduced boost down to wg and it holding 9 and not being a spikey boy - the shift event is much more normal.
  10. i do have : auF1479 : Lambse value to be used when the TQ_SELECT_SW (tq_source) == 0 : set to 0.8 instead of 1.04. should i change that back?
  11. Everything looks the same, minus the ZF serial number. strat, diff etc etc all seem same. ZF03987 and auF1692 are both 0 for both files. All torque and spark type requestors are stock. good chance i reset the tcm adaptive when i installed the box, would need to undergo a long learn process?
  12. see they have purely electronic control bovs now through turbo-smart. would it be something on the hitlist for you guys to program in, trigger a bov event of auto gearshift?
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