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  1. I put a BF Barra and ZF into R31 Skyline. The PCM did not seem to care there was no longer an ABS module to talk to, however it did not love the lack of speed input. The transmission absolutely hated the lack of ABS module and would go straight into limp mode...regardless of things i changed. Nigel from canbarra said the bf series ZF has a hard time if there is no abs module to bounce torque reduction requests from it will go into limp mode. I got a canbarra module to emulate ABS and basically takes the oss from gearbox and translates it into a ABS speed across the can... this keeps the trans
  2. ok so i hit the trans button a few times, i have done this before but this time my computer was actually online...it connected and downloaded ZF-DMRs then they appeared. so it seems i can see the ZF stuff now. but does bring about my new issue. it seems to be ignoring the 1 to 2nd change...even at the lowest of throttle it wont go into 2nd untill its over 2krpm. the rest seem to work when you change them. strange
  3. is H8405 only in FG or Workshop mode? i cant seem to find it in BF/Professional version. id like to log this also, but dont seem to get much information out of the trans other than oss / temp.
  4. dont forget that table is at 39psi. if you have a turbo fuel regulator the fuel pressure is around 60psi. the FG f6 uses 440cc injectors, they may not be the same injectors as the ones you have but the data might get you in the ballpark. well close enough to testing's if you took those numbers (assuming u have a turbo fuel reg). try comparing your injector data against HAEE4V2. 0.7 is verry rich for a barra at idle, even inside the cold map. outside of the cold map the barra will use the 02 sensor lots and really try to hit 1.0...so your data is way off.
  5. I dont know if this is of any use to anyone else. Pcm speed loddged via pcmtech was changeable playing with the tyresize/mile figgures. Dash speed and speed lodged via obd2 (forscan) was different and unaffected by the other settings (tyre size). This is the speed source the speed cut uses.. supposing its ABS speed out. Playing with the abs to pulse modifier in pcmtec made no difference. As my canbarra emulates my ABS, nigel coded me up a way to change the pulse/speed out setting on the canbarra so i could change it untill it was right. So d
  6. Sorry its std falcon dash. Wired up to power n canbus as it would be in the falcon.
  7. Howdy, i am troubleshooting on the r31 again..so bf 2 na motor, canbarra, zf in a r31. ive been playing with the rotations per mile to get the pcm data logged speed to match the gps speed, and i have got there...but the dash speed seemingly does whatever it wants does the dash get its speed from somewhere else? does the dash have its own speed limiter? when i hit 180 on the dash it beeps and i get speed cut. (180 on dash usually around 110 normal kmhr). any help on where i should start looking would be greatly appreciated.
  8. is that AUF2565 TQ reduction, on my terry that's set to 3 but looks like its set to 4 on fg's? is 4 a straight to fuel cut?
  9. for notice, I have a fg TB and FG intake on a bf motor.. I noticed if I let it idle it would start hunting (rev up and down) but i knew the alt was not charging so figured it might be related. Last night was i able to get it to have some temp, iv started it numerous times cold no problem. Warm starts it would stall instantly. I noticed it was opening TB for start, then basically closing it.. commanding less than 1 percent blade angle. When holding the throttle down you could make it idle and the blade would be somewhere in the high 2, sometimes 3 degree mark. AUF0082 - open loop
  10. yeah but the field allways seems to have a decimal number....does it want the MM rolling diameter as a decimal?
  11. could not edit comment, but : Terrys ties are 15 percent bigger than Ba and the numbers 0.0546 lower. so if we take half of that 0.0273+ba setting and call it done at 0.8065 ?
  12. My Turbo territory has 235/55/18's and for the tyre size its sits to Value 0.724609375 My Ba ute std tyre 215/50/16 and its set to Value 0.779296875 just curious what i should put in for the r31 conversion, as it runs a 185/75/14 or 205/50/15 that's is roughly 8 percent smaller than the ba ute..... should i just use that setting.
  13. ZF shift table 27 from memory, remove all the highlighted downshift figures and it will just stay in whatever gear its in. ive got mine setup something like this, so it wont ever downshift for you..... but it will upshift somewhere verry close to limiter. Just incase your reactions are to slow / rest your hand on the gearstick and move from performance to manual mode without realizing. cheers
  14. what metric does it need for the Tyre size settings?
  15. AUF1964 smart alternator switch - prob good place to start
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