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  1. @JETURBO pulling ya leg of course, i love the photos you put up in that tuning thread, allways the cleanest cars after they have been near you.
  2. He spends to much time cleaning customer cars for those #instragram carporn posts, not sure he even tunes.
  3. have you read jets thread on xr6turbo? sometime he puts out some wisdom, but as a tuner they aren't going to tell you what they have spent hours finding out, not for free anyway. https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/84077-jets-tuning-oh-no/page/193/?tab=comments#comment-1683202
  4. id like to update the vin on the new pcm before licencing it... but looks like to do that i need the old file to run the calabration/merge wizzard. ill wait for Rolland to chime in.
  5. Yes it is. the replacement is apparently from a ute. its still a3jc / abu-251 / eeofa 4h253 / 3r23-12a650-ajc
  6. i have a dead ba boss ecm, so i cannot read it. i was hoping i could generate a STD image file and manually enter in the VIN however im having no luck. the OLD pcm says A3JA / ABU-251 / EE0FA 4A313 / 3R23-12A650-AJA on the sticker. i havent had any luck input these details to generate stock file, what might i be doing wrong?
  7. Turns out the fg gearbox n ecu near me for sale is an FGX one. Dang.
  8. Le old internet telling me bf stuffups, hence why i thought id come here and ask the experts. So bf ecu can read zf gearbox speed input no issues
  9. engine is NA PCM will be used from the trans. questions more relation the VSS in the gearbox, as at this stage im not keen on adding external hall-efect sensor to the tail-shaft, as this will be driven in the dirt. would rather use the ZF that has VSS internally.
  10. Hi Guys im doing a barra n zf into a r31 and im just putting my ducks in line. I was hoping to get a complete fg setup, but time is short so its not going to happen. now i got the chance to get a bf with zf loom but no gearbox - then i can buy a fg na gearbox with pcm or a turbo bf zf box. my understanding would be the turbo bf box would be stronger, but has no speed source and ill need to diy one into the r31 the fg zf box has its own speed source and i wont need further mods is this right, or can we get vss from BF zf's?
  11. the responsible adult in me thinks this is stupid. The rest of me is like, ducken hell I need my territory family car to throw flames like this.
  12. Hi Rolland, Over the last year or so, did you guys find a way to add those FG turbocharger settings into a Bf/Territory series ECM? auF2714 - Calibrateable wastegate duty cycle when gear change is in progress. auF3002 - Change in spark adder to waste gate duty cycle.
  13. I copied the fg shift schedule and information that was in the territory map. this made no difference to the lowdown kick into 1st. I may change the speed-gear schedule and see. i think it will remove it because if you manually shift it into 1 once its not moving there is no bump. every shift has improved, except for a weried spot around 30-45 percent throttle, in the 2-3 shift where it seems to change out of two, let the engine flare up in rpm, before shifting into 3rd. anyway, i should just proberly pay someone to tune it who knows whats there doing.
  14. I will admit to stupidity because i did try before posting and yes it did go into limp mode. I thought maybe there was another way. I then took the f6 territory HACH4A5 and moved that config over. got myself ABS and TRC lights on the dash and the gearbox was slipping, so i just went back to std. i would love to know how to make it stop clunking, the low speed clunk you get when coasting down to a stop. around 7kmhr it does what i assume is change into first and goes clunk. if anyone wants to share there ZF secrets ill be all ears on that one.
  15. can you use the HAEK4PE zf calibration on a B series
  16. tourque limiting is standard during a shift event. if its off the car can just freely maintain rpms and power between shifts and it would proberly bang into gear harshly.
  17. only for workshop bois tho? also i need to google more https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:TiN8dWqHbrgJ:https://forum.hptuners.com/showthread.php%3F69602-Ba-Xr6t-with-a-bf-ecu+&cd=17&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au when used in a stand alone setup the main differences are the bf alternator com wires replace the 2 ba pedal wires at b28 & b29 which then share 5v on pin b45 and share signal return on b33 instead, the o2 wires are all part of the A plug/engine harness in bf, the bf alternator warning wire replaces the o2 signal wire from ba a
  18. Hi Team. HACCKD5 / 2008 / Spanish Oak 1024K - is this Bf ECM? I was trying to get this to replace my BA ecu, and after much dicking around i decided the wiring may be different. The ECM does give throttle pedal error and does nothing when you touch the throttle. It does start and idle, however it kinda sounded like it was running on three cylinders. it does have the three plug option, where as my ba was only two plugs. any thoughts?
  19. going to do a Bump and ask how you went raising the rev limiter.
  20. Just on this, in my territory i changed auF1265 from 1.2s to 8Secionds as suggested auF0228 to 10 deg from 1500 rpm. (i have used other values with success in my e85 car, but this is 98r road car) on decel the zf just changes gear so nothing really happens. if you put it in manual gear selection and get a deceleration, it will make some popping noises (mine also still has a high flow cat and two high flow mufflers so they will dull it down)
  21. My shitter had a slow start and a bit of a stutter on idle... I used the base idle fuel map to add a fair bit more fuel, the std falcon map leans out quite quickly. well compared to nissans im used to. Used the idle adder with ECT to add 100 idle untill around 60 deg. Car started much nicer and was happyier...still had an idle stumble. > battery was bad - changed to new battery and car started instantly and the stumble/miss is gone. i know this is no help to your bwm start, but i figgure its helpfull note that making it richer and idle higher is prob not a ba
  22. now there is data log it may be easier to find this out.
  23. just having a flick thro the manual now. two points caught my eye * i think i used a shorter bung, may double check. A 1” bung (provided in the kit) will best protect the sensor. When fully threaded, the sensor’s tip will sit flush with the inside of the exhaust piping, this does not adversely effect the readings. * as puff said : Do not pre-warm the sensor before starting the engine, start the engine as you normal would. Allowing the sensor to pre-warm before starting the engine will increase the possibility of damaging the sensor from shock-cooling. -
  24. My second 02 is off and disabled, using details from another thread. as im not using that plug for anything, does it still fire the pwm controlled heater circuit? as it may be a nicer way to get my wide-band ON I guess i could do some testing.
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