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  1. hey all I converted my turbo fg sedan to manual quite sometime ago and I never did anything with the loom. I still retain the auto ecu mind that. so I finally got my hands on a manual fg turbo engine loom and swapped it all out, now when I've gone to start it, it comes up with a system coms error and wont turn over. I had a play with the pats switches AUF16595 (pats) AUF16527 (pats Alt) AUF0362 (Pats Alt Cluster Switch) I managed to get the car started and running but because I've disabled Pats system the ICC, Cluster and Obd2 have been disabled
  2. hey guys a bit of a headache here, car runs fine when its warming up, once up to operating temp starts to run a bit shit and progressively gets worse till the point of stalling. when trying to start again it sounds as there is no compression. im thinking the intake cam is getting stuck open but once it gets flashed with the sct there is no issue. here is the tune if anyone can shed some light it would be amazing if someone had some help cheers info on the car also- e85 10.5-1 compression atomic pistions and rods stainless o'ring headgasket 0.05 over inlet and e
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