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  1. Thanks, Roland. Unfortunately this time of year is really busy for me (grant season), requiring a lot of overtime. Makes me a bit grumpy, but it'll pass. I'm happy to plug away at this when I get the spare moments. It is something I enjoy doing, so I'm more than happy to put some effort into it. Similarly, I'd be happy to help out with future projects/applications where I can. I managed to get a quick datalog in the other day (not so much for usable data, but mainly just to check that everything is working alright). I'll do this a few more times to make sure my setup is how I
  2. That's some good feedback. As you pointed out, there are quite a few assumptions and pit falls when it comes to this. However, many will also apply to manually dialing in injectors with a wideband. So I don't necessarily see them as issues directly preventing an automation of the process - but that doesn't mean we should ignore them! Differentiating speed density errors from injector scaling errors is an interesting point and I'll admit, something I've only considered from a theoretical standpoint. I would like to break it down to its simplest concept - there can be errors in lambda
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm a data scientist by trade and have been considering throwing together a script that could aid in dialing in injector slopes, breakpoint and deadtime. The input would be a reasonable size datalog of AFR, injector pulse widths and such. Using some non-linear optimization, it should be possible to identify what variables need to be changed to minimize lambda errors. It should be possible to differentiate speed density errors from injector scaling errors, as the lambda errors will track with injector pulse width. I've only just got my wideband sensor wor
  4. Thanks for the clarification, Roland. It's clear that a lot of work and effort has gone into making pcmtec what it is!
  5. Thanks Roland, that's a good list. I have no idea how you have managed to make all that work, so I'm mostly guessing ahaha (if there is any descriptions/details of the inner workings anywhere, I'd love to read about it). This might be a long shot, but if there is an existing output, is it possible to change what it outputs? I just opened a PCM wiring diagram and see the EEC sends speed(?) to the navigation system. Would it be possible to make it send load instead? (assuming it's a simple relationship line X speed => Y voltage). That may be a bad example, but hopefully you understand wh
  6. I think it would be great if there was a resource that outlined the spare inputs and outputs that people have hijacked and used for different purposes. Some obvious examples are the second o2 sensor (input) and IMRC (output; for turbo vehicles). But I have heard of others, such as the clutch switch in cars with automatic gearboxes. I'm sure there are a lot of possibilities with so many factory options (turbo/non-turbo; auto/manual).
  7. There appears to be a bit that can be set in the instrument cluster as built that allows the HDC light to turn on or not. This doesn't seem to affect the operation as far as I can tell. The HDC switch seems to go straight to the "Vehicle Directional Control" module. So it seems the ABS unit is what controls everything. From the research I've done, it seems the Bosch 8.0 units without HDC have an F stamped on the top (I think it was an F). Whereas the HDC units had a H stamped on in. It is possible that Bosch is the one that programs them and sells them as distinct units to Ford. I'd
  8. First post (just bought the Enthusiast version 😁). DSC has 3 modes: both dynamic stability control and traction control; just one (can't remember which one stays on, but I think it's traction control); both off. All AWD terries had the Bosch 8.0 ABS module, which also comes with a slightly different brake master cylinder (a lot of wreckers don't know this). I was playing around with forscan to try to get Hill Descent Control to work, but never could get it working. For the Bosch 8.0 module, I've only found three different as built data: non-turbo, turbo and F6X. These just contain the t
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