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    Hey guys

    Cheers for the clarification
  2. brettus

    Hey guys

    Engine is from range rover and jaguar and the input shaft on the transmission being the 6R80 is different but it's still based on the ZF 6HP26 so I would have thought you'd be able to read the TCM or is it a total different control module system?
  3. brettus

    Hey guys

    @PCMTEC To save me starting another topic I'll mine this one... Does PCMTEC support the diesel version of the Territory? SZ 2.7lt V6 with the 6R80 ZF? Cheers, Brett
  4. I have 60lb Deka's in my 2008 F6X. The tune is mild (not tuned by me) but idles pretty much perfectly (might need 100rpm now as an engine mount is hammered!) and I never had any issues in my previous BA turbo with them either. Idle on the BA's though were up around the 850rpm mark from memory as they did have a tendency to stall... Not sure if that's all I do is just attach my tune so see attached file! F6X_Forum.tec
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    @Roland@pcmtecPM sent
  6. I've emailed them with my file I want edited but waiting on a reply. I've bought the credits so they should just be able to do their bit now....
  7. Do we still just email through our tune file for you to update with the Custom OS? I bought the extra credits last night.
  8. Not sure if I have done something wrong but my Workshop version has zero credits and I've only licensed my own car? Isn't there 18 credits in a Workshop version or have I somehow licensed the same vehicle multiple times?
  9. Hey @Puffwagon, Mate can you put the link for that picture again as it has disappeared and is no longer available/exists!? Cheers, bjc
  10. Big companies have always been and will always continue to be greedy. It's about making more money than the previous month every month! You only have to look at the path the xcal took for instance yet the device is still gigantic and butt ugly lol....
  11. Can you tell me if the TT (Turbo Territory) has the extra O2 sensor built into the ECU and wiring harness even though it's not attached or used? I would like the E85 option even with using a water/meth setup. Vehicle is a 2008 F6X....
  12. Cheers PW. Might have to give it a backseat for a while after grabbing the stock file so I can finish the home theatre off first.... bjc
  13. Do I need to return the vehicle back to the stock file from an SCT tune file to licence the vehicle?
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