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  1. Also is there anyway that we can move items in the scalars list up and down individually. Ive tried draggng them but the only way ive found to move them is the name tab and value tabs which makes it a pain to veiw. Screen grab attached shows the driver demand as i was saying whilst its in limp mode.
  2. Ive removed the engine loom from the car and reconnected my link ECU so I could go drifting so cant go and run some more logs at the moment. I can confirm that the torque source doesnt change from driver demand and the ETC torque source also stays on driver demand. Unsure on the 39hour log I usually clear the log before starting but i could possibly have forgotten but it does bug and jump around a little when turning the car on and off to reset the limp mode. It was also a few weeks ago now so cant be sure that I cleared and restarted it.
  3. Update from playing this morning. turning the torque switch back on has amplified the issue ten fold. playing with the cat and exhaust temp protection temps also made it worse if anyone has suggested numbers that will work with cat and exhaust protection temps when not runnning any o2 sensors to the pcm that would be great. ill give it a few more days to see if i can get it working before i plug the link back in and go back drifting.
  4. Quick pic of the new front steering angle on lock aswell for anyone that likes drift shiters
  5. Update i ended up pushing the barra pcm to the side and fitted my link from my other car so i could make powercruise but now ive got some free time i have re connected the barra pcm and back to trying to sort issues. Tune so far has issues with going into limp mode randomly when i apply large amounts of throttle. Only identifier for the issue is the fuel source changes from "cold startup" to "cylinder cut" and can hear and see on the wideband that it is shutting down cylinders. Also when test driving it will shut the engine down with a quick blat of WOT. Ive tried it with both torque switch on and off. With the torque switch off it simply says cylinder cut when logging fuel source but i tried turning torque switch back on and when it cylinder cut it said "cylinder cut exhaust/cat over temp" i then tired upping the temps for cat and exhaust protection but no change. The car doesnt have any o2 sensors connected to the pcm and ive disabled closed loop via the forum guide but it also engages closed loop if i leave the car to idle for 2-3mins. If anyone has some input into these issues or can suggest values to disable as many of the cat/exhaust protection temps and any insite to the cause of it would be much appreciated. Ive added a couple of log files with the issue happening for anyone that would like to painfully use the scanner to search for the issue. also added the stock file i merged bf xr6 manual file into the auto ecu to use for compare changes ive made. HACCEG3.tec drift car tune.tec3.tec 16-01-2020 03-16-01 PM Log.teclog closed loop activating whilst disabled.teclog 18-01-2020 08-09-04 PM Log.teclog cylinder cut issue.teclog HACCEJ3.tec Bf xr6 turbo manual.tec
  6. Thanks Darryl that's the way I was currently filtering it but thought could be a good thing to add in future releases. Also I have noticed in the 1.21 beta that the read dtc function doesn't work and have to open 1.11 to read dtc. Is there a different way to read dtc in the 1.21?
  7. Dont know if there is already a thread for this but would be good for any ideas that might make things quicker and easier. My first suggestion would be being able to hide/unhide items in the navigator so while going through can hide any tables that are blank/unused to make it quicker to navigate the thousands of tables. i know there is the quick access column in the navigator but scrolling through all the tabs continuously on a laptop while tuning is painfull. If there is some way to do this allready pointing it out to me would be great 👍 Also what is the likelihood of separating the scanner into its own program aswell to make it simpler to veiw the data without having to shuffle the navigator across when swapping from veiwing a log to changing maps.
  8. Hey mate what program did you upload this data in. i downloaded but when opened on my laptop opens in wordpad which im guessing is because my laptop doesnt recognise the program🤷‍♂️
  9. So i know the developers have said they wont be supporting conversions such as this but i also know there is alot of knowledge on here that will be able to help me and will hopefully help others in future. Background of the car itself it's an el fairmont shell and has been built with all parts i have lying around from my other car, it has a EL short motor with Au head with valve springs my custom ground camshaft around 220@050, old 6 boost manifold with a gt3788 3.5" dump into 3" exhaust 46mm gate with 2" screamer, ED intake manifold with a fg throttle body on an adapter plate and everything else fuel system too suit 400-450rwkw. Its manual with a t56 twin plate direct clutch spooled diff twin caliper on the rear for hydro handbrake and ive installed a BA k frame in the front with extended control arms, cut knuckles all to be used for cheap drifting. so far car has cost me less then $1k due to recyleded parts and this is my reason for the Barra ECU. Its CHEAP CHEAP FUN! So the setup currently has this for pcm controlling. BF Turbo ZF ecu, BA pedal, FG throttle body, Fg coils, FG Turbo MAP sensor. All wiring mods have been done by me with a miss match of looms that i had lying around. So far i have it all running and have changed all PID settings for fg throttle body and merged all the tune from a BF manual, Disabled O2 via Auf2504@36000s and this has it running ok with stock ba injectors. Currently it ides at 12.5 afr with 43psi base fuel pressure which obviously the turbo runs 58psi stock i am expecting to re do the speed density tuning but looking for advice on the best way to start this regarding disabling VCT control or should i just tune the 0* cells in the speed density maps not worry about any of the VCT maps? Which speed density maps should i be using Ive read both the speed density guides here and on the hp tuners forum and i understand how to change them but what MAPs line up between each software. Reading the thread from Darryl he is using these tables but also speaks of using the imrc open at the start of the write up. Are these the correct tables being used on a turbo tune? Also looking to adjust the target idle as the camshaft wont like to idle where a standard BF Turbo will and im looking to idle around 900-1000rpm vs stock 600rpm, which tables follow accross from hp to change the target idle? I did a quick change to this just before my laptop was running flat but noticed it got worse. So far this is all im starting with just to get the basics sorted and i know its gonna be a long process and its never going to be perfect but all it needs is stable fuel on boost and good timing and itll be good to skid. Im not looking to get perfect cruising and fuel economy just to make it work and skid. Any one willing to help me out will be greatly appreciated and ill be happy to share how i got it all to work for others Attached is the tune so far with a few small changes.. HACCEG3.tec SOHC BARRA ECU.tec MOD1.tec Cheers, Brayden
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