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  1. I'll go try it again soon. I also noticed that the lamfinal stopped at .749 lambda and added 2ms of injections time but I've looked through every trim i could trying to find a scalar that allowed this much trim at idle but couldn't find anything.
  2. Tried the long term switch but nope still engages but as i was driving it i did notice it only engages whilst its at idle and under the idle ignition control so maybee there is something in the code with the idle ignition control that forces closed loop over the top of everything else
  3. neither until you mentioned the min/max so i searched ltft in the navigator and thought about switching it. i just tried changing 0170 to -10 ad counts and 0169 to 5 but no change it still enganged after 4min again. ill change the ltft switch and try now
  4. Do you think changing 0164 will disable ltft all together or only disable the flag to say if its trimming. ill try changing the min max now and test again
  5. still engages at same point 4min and 16 seconds on my timer. but on the plus side it hasnt once engaged cylinder cut since these 2 changes even giving it some big revs it never once shut cylinders so thats a positive Auf2504 0163 timer and temp change.teclog HACCEG3.tec drifter 26-03-2020d.tec closed loop problems no cylinder cut.tec
  6. No ill change them now and try it again
  7. changed the startup closed loop delay to 100000000secs and it still engages at around the same time i thought it was about 5mins so i put the timer on my phone from when it fired to closed loop popping up it was 4min 16 seconds edit: after the change to 100000000seconds on the open loop delay it also never engaged cylinder cut like it allways will so. ive logged torque source previously and it never changed off driver demand 26-03-2020 02-58-43 PM Log.teclog 4min 16secs after startup closde loop.teclog
  8. log attached showing the flag change. Have you got an idea which flags i can log to work it which torque reduction is causing the cylinder cut also in the log. Its not very constistent sometimes it will engange for 1-2 seconds other times ~30seconds. I pressumed it had something to do with vct target error so i logged them and it stays at 0* so changed the target vct map but no chnage. Looking through the log it does change to exhaust/cat overtemp momentarily before cylinder cut but changing disbale cat protection had no effect. 26-03-2020 02-37-50 PM Log.teclog closed loop flag log.teclog
  9. So to run a quick check I just finnished going through each step on my missus ba turbo. Did them all in the same order as above 1 by one and also changed the base fuel table to .9 so I could see if it was in fact trimming fuel or not. And the results are none of the changes had any affect at all it would still engage closed loop 30-40 secs after starting the car. Also I'm not sure if others have pointed it out but the latest 1.22 beta does not recognize early Ba pcms for read/write aswell as logging.
  10. So if I find a mate with a bf turbo plug the ECU in and log the same issues will you look into it quicker?
  11. Also if any of the guys from support see this could you check the support email i sent regarding the issue
  12. Having a few issues with closed loop fueling even when ive disabled as described in the HOW TO which didnt work. This ecu doesn't have any o2 sensors wired to the pcm so it should allready run in open loop as they are basically the same as disconnecting the plug in the car So to start i maxxed auF2504 to 36000s and auF0163 to 4096* but upon starting it still would start maxxing the trims out flooding it with fuel. After this didnt work i went back and set the closed loop delay to 36000 seconds which stopped it mostly but even after ~5mins it goes back into closed loop and again starts adding fuel. Ive also lowered the tps transition to try stop it but that did nothing. If anyone has encountered this issue and has any solutions or ways to actually disable closed loop so it will run open loop 24/7. Its on a drift car and having to restart the car every 5 mins trying to tune it or driving it around the track is f@#%ed Cheers for any help
  13. Also is there anyway that we can move items in the scalars list up and down individually. Ive tried draggng them but the only way ive found to move them is the name tab and value tabs which makes it a pain to veiw. Screen grab attached shows the driver demand as i was saying whilst its in limp mode.
  14. Ive removed the engine loom from the car and reconnected my link ECU so I could go drifting so cant go and run some more logs at the moment. I can confirm that the torque source doesnt change from driver demand and the ETC torque source also stays on driver demand. Unsure on the 39hour log I usually clear the log before starting but i could possibly have forgotten but it does bug and jump around a little when turning the car on and off to reset the limp mode. It was also a few weeks ago now so cant be sure that I cleared and restarted it.
  15. Update from playing this morning. turning the torque switch back on has amplified the issue ten fold. playing with the cat and exhaust temp protection temps also made it worse if anyone has suggested numbers that will work with cat and exhaust protection temps when not runnning any o2 sensors to the pcm that would be great. ill give it a few more days to see if i can get it working before i plug the link back in and go back drifting.
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