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  1. Ok sounds good hanging for the update mate 👍🏻
  2. Hey mate thanks for that that makes a bit of sense I’m moving over from hp data logger and that’s it very simple in my opinion but all for learning new I’m looking forward to the new update release is this far of at all? cheers benji
  3. I have a question I can’t find anywhere in the data logger I’m trying to read STFT as a percentage but it just says unit less and I can’t seam to work it out it’s saying 0.85 I’m just wanting to know the percentage of fuel it’s adding as I’m having o2 issues and trying to work out why but finding the logger a bit difficult to work out hopefully This makes sense. and if anyone has any saved logger files they might want to send through to help that you may have custom made that works well? Hopefully this all makes sense.
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