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  1. I agree with this, ive ruled out everything else- fuel pressure, injectors, intake/ exhaust gasket leaks, exhaust cracks or pinholes, compression, leak down, spark, wiring etc. the only thing it could be is cam timing
  2. is this right or is it the other way around? in the injector scaling forum when your histogram showed below 1.00 values you said you needed to take out fuel as the slow slope was far too rich?
  3. None of those show up. I’m using professional, they only on workshop?
  4. also i cant log STFT for both sides?
  5. aren't the first 15 already set as high priority? if so here is my first log after adding the 1000cc injectors 1000cc log1.teclog
  6. okay ill get that through tomorrow
  7. noticed throughout my logs that there was no difference between the pulsewidths on either bank, it seems to be just recording bank 2 and reporting that as both. which expains the weird plot. LTFT and fuel flow show up right though. Is this just an oversight in PCMTEC datalogging?
  8. Happening with the stock and the new injectors.
  9. new intake gaskets fitted, exhaust resealed, checked for other leaks, fuel pressure is solid, compression is perfect, new spark plugs and more. still the same. this is my logging for fuel injectors. wtf is happening?
  10. @Roland@pcmteci should be able to log for individual banks yes? not sure why but this is how it came out. It's fuel flow bank 1 doing it
  11. Still trying to understand why some changes were made, could someone explain the effects of changing this table? (tuned for cams, and the usual upgrades) and why these were just changed to 1? other cut limits were all set to 0 to correct the LTFT's that are out below, would i use that first table above?
  12. My catch can vents into the boot before the throttle body, so not the case for me
  13. Yeah mate, swapped them around and re calibrated, no change
  14. Honestly I never noticed it until I fitted the wide band. The car ran perfect. Even with cams it idles great, never stalls (manual) never hesitates and it’s power and torque is greater than others I’ve seen. Fuel economy is great. I fitted new o2 sensors the other day and it turned to crap, drivers side was running 17-19 afr at idle and it would stumble. Put the factory ones back in and it went back to how it was
  15. It’s no big deal, just need to touch the throttle when the car first starts so it makes no changes. Easy price to pay for only needing to change one table
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