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  1. So, what killed your sensor ? It may help others to avoid the same mistake.
  2. Ok. So the errors only happen during flash read by PCMTec and not when I just plug in the Tactrix, so all good. Version 0.75 is also unable to read any DTCs even after waiting, and the only option is to kill the process, so way to cleanly exit or abort this process. Maybe something to take care of, in one the future versions. Thanks for the help.
  3. Is there a place where you can download these stock files to take a look, for e.g. the FGX sprint?
  4. Hi, I had PCMTec a while ago, but just around to buying TacTrix Openport dongle (didn't see that it was available from this site, bought from Ti Performance). Now, I connect this to my G6ET and it throws up DSC fault, ABS fault etc, just on plugging this to the OBD port. Is this supposed to happen? Anyone else got this? Did I get a bad one? I know this post may not belong here, but I wanted to make sure what the expected behaviour is before I take it up with the seller. Also, PCMTec (v 0.74) wasn't available to read DTC's using this dongle(would hang and do nothing), but could r
  5. Is this feature out yet? If not, when do you exapect to release it, tentatively ?
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