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  1. Sorry i hadn't seen this early. Having a dyno graph to go along with a tune is pretty handy. So first off, fueling. I can see you're using a combination of injector scaling and base fuel tables to "fudge" the AFRs to your desired 11.5. Nothing wrong with this if you've found something thats worked now. I recommend using the injectors slopes and deadtimes if you can get/find them. You have 1250CC injectors. If they are the Bosch 1250cc injectors they run at about 1370cc / min @ 400 kPa / 4 Bar in our cars. These are about 120lb injectors, your high slope is equivalent of ~300lb. Your low slope is in the ballpark @ ~100lb. Your breakpoint is out by a factor of 10 so i think your high slope is never used other wise it'd be pig rich anywhere but idle. Once you've fixed your breakpoint you'll wanna use your low slope as your high slope. Then your low slope might need some attention so it isn't rich at idle. The second post in this thread would give you a better idea of what values to use. 1150cc injectors arent far off 1250. Just as long as your 1250s are bosch based design and not dekas... If they are based on dekas that's a whole other ballgame. If your injectors are all good slope/breakpoint wise, you can just set desired lambda in your base fuel table. 0.75-0.78. Secondly, boost. To run higher boost i can see you've changed the desired boost table but not the wastegate DC table(auF16463). From the dyno you can see boost coming off around 3750. Whats happening here is even thou you are commanding 16 or so psi the wastegate DC isnt high enough to hold that amount of boost. In the PCM the wastegate DC table represents how far the wastegate is open for the corresponding boost value in desired boost table. This needs to be pretty much spot on for all the other boost calculation functions(overboost and underboost correction) to work correctly. So concentrating on those values after 3750rpm in the wastegate DC table is your first port of call. Fixing your wastegate DC table is going to be the most of your gains. You'll be maxing out this setup. Lastly, Torque management. Looks like you using spark cut for everything and all others off. If the desire is to stop the throttle body from closing during a torque event. Check out auF0265 and auF0264, ETC Clip torque and Torque Reduction. Here you can control if and when the ETC is used in an "other cuts" torque even't. oh also, Torque table. I believe its best to leave this stock. This table i believe can muck with torque reductions on shifts with the zf (not sure if you have a zf thou) There's a bit to look into and test out. But let us know how you how and post up another dyno if you run it again. Will be interesting to see the progress and if any of this helped
  2. If you're happy to post the tune, im happy to look at it and see if there is anything obvious holding you back + other tuning suggestions.
  3. Well if thats the case, you'll be able to see fairly quickly where its falling over on the dyno. I believe the n/a tunes run around 12:1 at WOT. With a dyno you should be able to see the best torque as you lean it out towards 13:1. I would be using nothing less than 98RON to help knock resistance. Gains would be hard to tell with out the use of a dyno on a n/a motor as we are talking 5-10hp gains. Once that is sorted, spark would be next, but only on the dyno as the gains once again will be small. Without the dyno you'll be guessing and possibly making changes for no benefits. Even though these changes are small, altogether they'll add up.
  4. Fueling could be the issue to... if there is a lean out could feel like the car is bogging down. Do you have a wideband hooked up yet? If so, how do the afr's look compared to the fuel table? Once you are comfortable that the stock tune is matching the cars behaviour fuel wise, then look at adjusting for more power. But with no wideband i wouldnt play with fuel at all... Would be shooting in the dark.
  5. ETC controls? the computer closing the throttle to maintain a torque limit etc
  6. Would this be something to do with traction control or other torque requestors?
  7. For anyone else, who could not get this working in 1.22beta. Miscellaneous -> N (engine speed RPM) N also seems to be what is referenced in the tune for RPM through out.
  8. auF0261 - Other torque cut limits Transmission Shift Modulation is where you can adjust how much or little burble you get ( 0 no burble -> 1 more burble) Using only Spark cut(auf0262) on this requestor will remove all burble/fart and have large -ve spark adv on shifts. Will also cause overboost on gears shifts.
  9. Continuously kicking goals. Love your work
  10. Wiring the DLP up was about the easiest thing I’ve done so far 😂
  11. Might give this a whirl see if it makes any difference for me. Can’t hurt to try ☺️
  12. I’m doing the same. However, not even running a ground to it as the gauge already grounds elsewhere. Using the 5v output from my Innovate ECF-1 which I’ve wired up for E85 to the rear o2 sensor as well. Have not had any issues with logging the wideband at all.
  13. Roughly divide by 2
  14. I’ve always just subtracted error from desired. If there’s something else, I’m all ears 😅
  15. took me awhile to find it lol... Its moved to under engine temp limits auF0157 - Lowest LAMBSE allowed to control cat temperatures. Other cat control settings: auF0196 Cat Temp Control auF0197 Cat Temp Control Stage 2 auF2536 Catalyst temperature which temp. control is exited. auF0199 Exhaust Protection Enable Temp
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