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  1. took me awhile to find it lol... Its moved to under engine temp limits auF0157 - Lowest LAMBSE allowed to control cat temperatures. Other cat control settings: auF0196 Cat Temp Control auF0197 Cat Temp Control Stage 2 auF2536 Catalyst temperature which temp. control is exited. auF0199 Exhaust Protection Enable Temp
  2. May not have anything to do with your injector data. If its only doing it after a long run on a strip at WOT it maybe exhaust or turbo heat protection kicking in and causing the AFR to default to 0.7(from memory)... There are 2 areas to look at in fuel section and the turbocharger section.
  3. There’s a good way to kill a weekend. Stuff of nightmares trying to diagnose that one
  4. edit: just realised eco boost you after... my bad.
  5. Maybe look at your manifold size in the tune and idle air since your pretty sure fuel is right.
  6. What in particular aren't you happy with? WOT, AFRs, Cold start, return to idle, boost? I find a lot of issues can be remedied with dialing in injectors and fueling as these often cant and wont be 100% from a tuner in the short time they have with the car unless they provide the injectors and have a good understanding in how they work in a setup. Do you have a fuel reg where you can see fuel pressure? This will help too. I would start there in any case and see how it all feels after that.
  7. Only happens when i open a previously saved teclog and the save as a csv. Sampling rate saving after stopping logging and immediately saving: 20 times a sec. Sampling rate saving after reopening a previous file and then saving it as a csv: once every 50 secs or 20 times a 1000secs. Seems to be a factor of a 1000 out so if these are perform by different functions maybe be just a ms and sec unit conversion etc. Files below 24-08-2019 11-10-15 AM Log(2).csv 23-08-2019 05-27-27 PM Log.teclog 23-08-2019 05-31-12 PM Log.csv
  8. hmmmm... seems like when i save as a csv it only samples the teclog file every 50secs. So if it is a 123sec log i'll get 3 entries. ( 0,50,100) I'm yet to test saving as a csv first after logging so this might just be a bug when opening an existing teclog file and then saving as csv. Cheers,
  9. Bahhhhh... now i feel like an idiot haha. Didn't even occur to me to do this.
  10. Cant wait for this... Literally holy grail Looks like this, returns values between 0 and 1. But because the resolution is only one decimal i can really tell a lot. I've just started looking at the other one, WGC_DTY , that returns 0-64k (i think) and i'm going to do hand calculations to get the exact number. I'll let you know how that goes. Is there away to set the decimal places of the values that i'm missing? Would be super useful but i also understand if not available yet
  11. Do you have anything that allows you to see fuel trims?
  12. Hey @Lucky So i worked out what was up with the wastegate DMRs. Looks like you can only log 14-16 channels at a time. Makes sense. You'll notice in the Scalars list of the ones you've added the ones at the bottom will be greyed out and will just not return anything. Now having said this i couldn't relate anything the wastegate logging told to what i had in the tune. Let me know if you have any luck With speed there are a few that makes but i haven't used: (under miscellaneous) VS VSBAR VSPD VSPD_CLSTR Other ones i have used: TCM_TFT - Trans Temp (F) INJ_DC_A - Injector Duty Cycle SPK_BDL - Borderline Spark Total for determining total spark SPK_M_B_T - MBT Spark Total used for determining total spark I'll keep posting up useful ones as, as you mention, is is pretty daunting when you open it up and are faced with soooo many options.
  13. hmmm... i wonder if that's because the tune is locked? Still should stop you from logging the vehicle thou i wouldn't have thought
  14. Hi Guys, Just thought i'd list what i'm using in the data logger and what i think they do for anyone looking for a little pointer when just starting out. Very Basics here. ACT - Air Charge Temp (same as IAT??) CAM_ACT - Cam angle CAM_OVRLAP - Cam overlap ECT - Coolant Temp ENGINE_SPEED - RPM EOT - Engine Oil Temp LAM_FINAL[0] - Commanded Lambda LOAD - Engine Load SAFTOT - Commanded Spark Total SPKAD_IND_AVG - Knock Spark Retard TP - Throttle Position VBAT - Battery Voltage WGBOOST_DESIRED - Desired Boost WGBOOST_ERROR - Boost Error I've been struggling to get wastegate DC to log using WGC_DTY or WGDTYCYC_T both these dont seem to record anything. Anybody else have any luck or using different PIDs/DMRs Otherwise datalogging has been going well with the 1.21 version. Doesnt take very long to work everything out as is very intuitive. If anything above looks incorrect or others have found additional useful DMRs, please share.
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