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  1. Hi Roland, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunatly the ABS unit isn't on the canbus, just iso. Car appears to be too old The turbo logic causing the issue would explain why I haven't read about this being done. Did you ever have success altering the packet sent out by the PCM? Saw a ancient post about it somewhere but lost it.
  2. Hi, I'm prepping to turbo charge my 04 BA wagon. Its currently stock and has traction control (3R23-2C353-AB ABS unit). I have managed to get an 04 BA turbo sedan ECU, but know that the ABS won't play happy with it. However I was reading the how to guides here, and I was wondering. If I take the image off my current ECU (ABU-242) and flash it into the Turbo ECU (ABU-244), then would it be perfectly happy to run the current non turbo engine? My reasoning is that this should mean the ABS will be happy (just like replacing the PCM in a like for like scenario), and then when the turbo mo
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