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  1. Ok perfect what pack will I have to buy as it has multiple tunes already set up on the car ? Happy to purchase I the the tactrix already purchased
  2. The guy that tuned it said he didn’t lock it when he tuned it can I buy the software and fix up the tune myself ?
  3. My fg is hunting on real light throttle threw a car park or when coming down revs to idle will level back out after 3 or 4 hunts is on e85 tuned by pcmtec the guy that tuned it is 4hours away from me so can’t take it back to him any advice would help just bought the car 4 weeks ago was tuned when I got it
  4. Hi new to all this I have a 2014 fg Xr6 turbo and it’s been tuned with pcmtec normal on tune 1 and tune 2 is same tune with ghost cams if I slightly touch the accelerator it will hunt between 500-1000 rpm same when slowing down and level out after about 3 times is there something in my tune wrong ? That you have come across thanks
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