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Enthusiast or Professional?

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I have a BF XR8 and a Turbo Territory which I want to play with.  For now I was going to flash a F6X tune into the Territory and have a look at the XR8 maps. I might change injectors at some stage on the TT but not much more than that. 

They are both ZF6 auto and while I wasn't going to tune the gearboxes at this stage was wondering if there is any other advantage to going professional instead of enthusiast plus a second licence? TIA!

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Before you go flashing an F6X tune into your Territory, check out the "HOWTO: ABS Re-programming". There's a lot of useful information there and some specific to the Territory & the different ABS systems that will likely change your mind about flashing the F6X tune in. You would be better off comparing the F6X calibration with yours & copying over relevant differences.

If you think you'll want to tune the ZF, get the professional version or you'll wish you had later on. Have a look at the pricing, the professional version will show you what you get on top of the enthusiast version.

If you've downloaded the Demo version, have a play around with it. Switch between Enthusiast & Professional to see what/where differences there are.

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Thanks Bill. Yes,  I will most likely do the compare and pick the bits I want,  just didn't elaborate in my post.  Mucking around with ABS differences gives me a headache just thinking about it!

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