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BA Falcon XT - Enabling Cruise Control


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I've got a 2004 BA Falcon XT (9/2004) which did not originally have cruise control. I have installed all the cruise control hardware, however I am having trouble getting the cruise control to work.

I have recently converted the car from auto to manual using the driveline components from a wrecked 2004 BA XR6 Manual (including 3.45 LSD).

I originally tried to use the PCM from the wrecked manual XR6, which did work, however I had trouble with the speedo not working due to the wrecked car having a 4 channel ABS module for traction control, where as my car has 3 channel ABS and for some reason this was causing my speedo to not work. I did note at the time however, the "CRUISE" word would appear on the cluster LCD when the cruise button on the steering wheel was pressed, which indicated the cruise hardware should be wired up correctly. I could not test the cruise though, as the speedo wasn't working which would obviously be required for cruise control to function.

So with the speedo not working, I gave up on getting the manual PCM to work with my 3 channel ABS module, so I went back to using the original auto PCM and successfully configured it to work with the manual. (everything working except the newly added cruise control).

Using PCMTEC, I've changed a number of different parameters, all in an attempt to enable cruise control. I have not been successful so far. Currently using my original auto PCM (configured to manual), the cluster will not even show "CRUISE" on the LCD. The cruise buttons do nothing.

Any ideas how I can enable cruise control? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS: I've attached screenshots of my current PCM file showing a bunch of parameters I've tried altering so far and vehicle configuration details.






speed control - Copy.png

speed control.png

vehicle info.png

vid block editing1.png

vid block editing2.png

vid block editing3.png

vid block editing4.png

BA Falcon - vehicle details.png

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Hi Roland,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I've read the thread you've linked and tried altering all the parameters mentioned in that. I have an Autel MaxiDAS 708 scan tool which can communicate with every module, however I don't have any options for enabling cruise control which is possibly just a limitation of my scan tool/vehicle specific software. I could be wrong in my thinking here, but my ICC and BCM haven't changed in the car, and previously with the manual PCM installed, 'CRUISE' did come up on the cluster, so wouldn't that suggest that cruise is configured in the PCM rather than the ICC/BCM? Or maybe the Ford IDS works by having the option for enabling cruise via the ICC/BCM to configure the PCM?

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