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ZF Calibration from sprint


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12 hours ago, finnigan001 said:

Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone's tried a zf calibration from either an f6 or a sprint?  Would there be anything obviously wrong with copying the sprint calibrations that are different and then flashing my transmission?  I'm just unaware of any side effects in doing this.


What do you have? FG or BF? I do hybrid FGX and Sprint. Kept some of the FGX and modified some of the tables. Took ages to verify the impact of changes made to any scalar or table!

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I have an fg 1.  Yeah, i didnt want to just copy everything over with out checking first.  Im just looking to update the the calibration to something newer as im sure over the last 8 years there have been some improvements to shift patterns and line pressures etc.  Any pointers/ any suggestions of what i should be looking at.  I might do a compare to an fg2 and fgx tonight to see if there is anything majorly different. only managed to get through half of the sprints tables last night.  Im not rushing in to anything, this is more of a science experiment than anything else.

Cheers guys

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Probably not going to be of much help to you, but I believe that the s/c 5.0 models have an extra clutch or 2 in them so in theory you can lean on them a little harder. I don't know if the ZF in FGX/ Sprints are the same as the ZF in the FG MK I/II in both the XR6T/F6. So I know there is slightly different hardware in the s/c 5.0 models when compared to the XR6T. 

Depending on what you actually want out of the gearbox will determine on where you should be looking at. Shift patterns will obviously determine when the box will shift up and down. Going through all the shift patterns and determining which pattern is which is a big job, so if the F6/sprint calibration shift patterns are different it may be easier to look at going down that path. There is an excel spreadsheet floating around for zf shift patterns which may make the process a little easier

However when you start changing things like line pressures, shift pressures, slip time etc you can start to damage the box. Increasing the pressures will make the gearbox shift "harder" but also wear out components like clutches if taken too far. Decreasing slip time will make gearbox change gears quick which can again wear out certain components quickly if taken too far.

If I were you the main things I would be looking at is Shift patterns, Shift pressures and slip times.  

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  • 2 years later...

Old thread revival warning. Just wanted to post my results if anyone new was considering it. 

Copied over all Mk2 FG F6 ZF settings except strategy name and calibration ID to a Mk1 xr6t ute.

Went very well, much better cal for the lazier spooling F6 turbo that is on the ute already. And holds the TCC locked a bit better around 3rd gear than the old cal. Definitely a better base cal to start tuning than the standard mk1 xr6t that was in there. 

When using the calibration table in the software, I found it easier to pick a cal by copying the whole table to excel, then set up the filters for diff ratio, pcm part number and turbo logic. You'll only have a few to pick from once you've filtered the sheet. 

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