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Cold start refinement


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Hi all,

Any recommendations on how to refine cold start? My Barra swapped GQ Patrol runs and drives amazingly when warmed up, and starts really easily (even cold), but the power delivery is pretty shocking until it does warm up. Doesn't miss or pop, just way down on power and not smooth. I don't remember any BA/BF falcons being like this.

Any tips / tricks to making it run *not* like a bag of dics on cold start?


Specs: GQ Patrol, BA eGas i6 (10.7:1), FG plastic inlet manifold, underdrives, modified hurricane extractors, BF XR6 cams, loom & PCM

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I fixed this on my manual BF (HACCKGA) by fixing all the cold start spark tables


These retard the ignition timing massively on cold start (-5 degrees at idle etc) which causes the car to run terribly for a few minutes to warm the coolant and catalytic converter up.

You can zero these out and then fix the cold start idle targets. They also play with the cam timing at idle when cold as well. You can make the car run the same as hot if you fix all of these tables. 

Remember that it does serve a purpose, the car can take almost 5-10x as long to warm up if you do remove these tables. Eg if you drive straight onto a clear road at 60kph with no load the car will remain well below operating temp for 5+ minutes instead of the 1 minute it would normally take. This means more engine wear as the oil is cold and your emissions are way off target for much longer. Do you care about this? Maybe. Will it pass emissions? Absolutely not.

Personally I left the tables as they are stock, but made them only last for 60 seconds, this means the car gets up to temp quite fast and then immediately runs full spark after this. The car drives much nicer.

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