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HOWTO: Automatically rescale axes fast and efficiently!


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Do you find yourself resorting to excel spreadsheets or using lots of educated guesswork when re-scaling axes? Now you don't have to with our automatic axis re-scale wizard which will re-interpolate tables for you.

This is extremely useful for changing the resolution of various tables (such as spark). By using this wizard you no longer have to manually reinterpolate spark tables.

For example we will show the stock BF XR6T spark table below.


Now lets say we want to get more resolution in the upper loads and less in the lower loads.

First step is to modify the load axis by double clicking on it.

Now modify the scale/resolution to suit your higher boost/load.


Now right click and select "Re-scale referenced tables" this will automatically rescale/reinterpolate all referenced tables listed below.


As you can see the spark values have been reinterpolated to suit the new load axis saving you a lot of manual labour. Note these values will peg at the highest previous load, so you will still need to recalculate any new load rows.


If you wish to continue doing this over and over please click "set as before rescale" to take a new snapshot.

Shoutout to our newest staff member Scott for this feature!

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, niceracing said:

I've only got professional do I need workshop yo do this

It was limited to workshops but there's an upgrade option for people who don't want or need the full workshop multi vehicle option but want the workshop features for a single car.


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