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Pro License feature: Return to factory calibration (stock)


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Is this what you mean by strategy:

Hardware: Spanish Oak 1024K 

Operating System: HAEE4TY

Looking forward to the feature as I've always had buggy issues with fueling and injectors and I've never been sure if it was due to what previous tuner may of set outside of what I can see in the software I am currently using. 

I am about to invest in new injectors but its possible that this could be a cheaper way to diagnose. How far off roughly is the next major release?

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Yes that is the strategy code that you need. However that may not be what the car came out of the factory with if it'd been previously tuned. The catch code inside your door will help us determine what it was at release. 

Next release depends on the volume of support requests and issues we run into during development. Won't be too long, most likely weeks not months away. 

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