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Turbo tune onto NA PCM


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Mathew. Be careful flashing the turbo PCM calibration into the NA PCM. The vehicle will come up with  an ABS/TCS issue and the way around that is to change the modules as the NA modules cannot be reprogrammed to accept the turbo ABS (different hardware).

As Roland suggests, do a compare of the strategies and swap over the Speed Density/Torque/VCT... tables and axis. With the Speed Density  you will need to copy over the Overlap Speed Density tables from the Turbo to the NA as well. 

I have had this issue with exactly the same OSID (HACCK) and tried to put a turbo calibration HACCKGA into HACCKAZ. Car runs fine but ABS and TCS modules are disabled. Cruise worked fine.

Unless you have the turbo modules in the car I would not go there.

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Yeah swapping the entire cal is always going to be a recipe for trouble. Best to compare/merge everything manually.

If you know the vehicle came out in exactly the same configuration as a turbo. Eg you have a ZF NA sedan and you know that sedan was available as turbo, then you can reprogram the ABS using IDS in some cases. But if the vehicle for example is a BTR NA sedan and there was never a turbo BTR sold, you will not be able to reprogram the ABS module and will be forever stuck with an ABS/DSC fault.

Even if the vehicle was sold as a turbo if you are not already an expert at using IDS this is a recipe for a big headache as the combination of stability control, braking distribution, hill descent control that the vehicle came out with may never match up with the calibration you choose. IMO just convert your existing strategy/calibration to turbo instead using the compare feature by comparing to another strategy of the same vehicle base.

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I have a Na ecu controlling my NA+T Ba Falcon - using changes in PCMtech and a external boost control system.

the na ecu wont do boost control but you still need to setup the desired boost table otherwise the ecu will still put your into torque limiting tables if you exceed the expected boost by to much.

At minimum my NA to turbo conversion only required the MAP data changed along with the injector data...but you will want to do a compare of all the other main tables as mentioned and copy them over. The spark tables will also go into a higher load area from the turbo to the NA, so they are larger - unless you know what your doing id be cautious witht he spark tables and take a decent amount of spark out of the motor when its on boost.


but gl and have fun! 


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