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I see, ok well the strategy in question was done for a vehicle by someone else but it has issues. I don't believe it was done by pcmtec.

There seems to be more to the tune than what is showing in the navigator.

I think if i could increase the idle speed a bit it would help


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Well, the navaigator only shows the tcm data when the tune file is opened.

This file was causing the car to stall at idle and it sounded like it was cammed when it did idle.

I flashed the car with a known good tune and it idled normally.

I merged the tcm data from the good tune with the first tune and flashed the resulting file and it idled normally

Now i then merged the good tcm tune with the whole first tune, the resulting file is larger.

Now the owner says it goes a lot better overall.

So my conclusion is that there is something in the pcm tune that can't be seen




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