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Turboing a bf wagon (beginner Questions)


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Hi guys ,

i am in the process of turboing my bf mk2 wagon , i have a few questions if anyone could help

what are the basic values that need to be copied onto my pcm

what section do i have to change to fit a bosch 0281 002 514 map sensor  so the pcm can read correctly ,

also i have changed the diff ratio from 3.23 to 3.45 do i only have to change auF0394 to 3.45?


any help would be much appreciated

cheers chris

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Hi Chris. For the swapping of the TMAP sensor you simple need to turn on turbo logic switch. If you are not swapping the loom for a turbo ensure you have the wastgate switch off. Here is the section to modify:


Yes for the axle ratio change auF0394 to the correct ratio. If you have Professional there is also available in the VID Block Editing an Axle Ratio as well which can be edited.

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When i changed my diff from 3.23 to 3.73 my car was hitting rev limiter on gear-change, i had to change the auto shift points.

Make sure the Spark tables go above one. i believe the turbo BA goes to 1.4 load and the na .9 ....if your turboing an NA motor you might want to go to town removing spark from the map to...at least until it get professionally tuned. 

double check your injector setting match the ones your fitting & proberly go through he fuel map and match-up a turbo map and then add some fuel - once again until its on a dyno.


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