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From what I'm lead to believe the throttle in an FPV GS is limited by the tune to how far it can actually open. Been a while since I've actually looked into it, but from memory it's limited to roughly 70% where as the GT was around 80%. They are the two figures that jump out at me when I'm trying to think back to what I found. 

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After some light reading I believe that the GS max throttle angle is limited to 50 degrees and the GT is limited to 60 degrees?? (someone may be able to confirm and correct me on those figures) This can be increased to 80 degrees, however caution needs to be taken when doing this as some other parameters may need to be altered, ie spark etc. TPS calibration may also need to be played with to ensure it stays within it's limits.

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I've never done it myself but I would assume you would have to remove some timing to compensate for the added air and the amount will differ from car to car. Not 100% sure with the TPS side of it but when I have a chance to get on the laptop I'll have a look at what parameters I think it would be. I think its something like max voltage for TPS and something else.

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Thanks Rolls, some good insight to be had from those comparisons.

I was wondering whether you had any more info on the Decel Fuel Shut Off.  The Params seem to have slightly different names (coasting fuel shut off, DFSO, fuel shutoff, decel fuel shut-off, CFC, DFS) which makes searching for them hard as there's no common term. Not all are grouped in the Coasting Fuel Shut Off top level either.

In particular do you know anything the references to 'profile correction' ?

The 5.0 seems to re-enable the injectors when coasting at a much higher rpm/speed than the 6 cylinders, I'm looking to correct this to help with city cycle economy.





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