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HOWTO: Engine Protection Settings

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From the factory the Ford Falcon comes with a huge number of FMEM (Failure Mode Engine Management) modes. These are designed to protect the engine from failure when running in severe conditions or under a sensor failure.

Some of the different protection modes from the factory are as follows:

  • Boost restricted to spring pressure on intake temperature over temp.
  • Boost restricted to spring pressure on overboost detection.
  • Engine timing reduced on knock detection
  • Engine timing reduced on high intake temperature
  • Engine timing reduced on high engine coolant temperature
  • Fuel enrichment on catalytic converter over temperature
  • Fuel enrichment on exhaust over temperature
  • Fuel enrichment on turbo over temperature
  • VCT disabled on low or high oil temperature.
  • A/C compressor shutdown on high engine coolant temperature
  • Partial injector shut off on extreme coolant or oil over temperature
  • Throttle/torque reduction on wastegate failure (overboost)
  • Throttle/torque reduction extreme coolant or oil over temperature
  • Boost restriction on extreme coolant or oil over temperature
  • Complete engine shutdown on extreme oil over temperature
  • MIL lamp indicator on any of the above failure modes.

The following tables (not all) are related to the above failure mode protection settings.

auF16463 (wastegate open loop FG) sets the duty cycle to 0.2 on over temp.


auF0303 and auF0302 (FG) are the enable/disable setpoints for fuel enrichment to protect a turbocharger.


auF16615 control the fuel enrichment for exhaust over temp.


auF0196 will enable catalytic converter temperature protection

auF0197 is the setpoint upon which to enable fuel enrichment to protect a catalytic converter


Knock retard is controlled by various settings under "Knock Sensor" in the navigator.

auF0278 / auF0277 CHT (cylinder head) Overtemp refers to the oil over temperature protection enable setpoint.


auF1870 is the critical coolant temperature upon which the engine will be shutdown


If you don't wish to shut the engine down but instead make it run on half the cylinders you can set auF1613 to a number less than 6


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Yes. The CHT is carry over from when the logic used to refer to cylinder head temperature. Some vehicles inferred CHT from oil temp however in the Falcons it means engine oil temperature

auF1594 is also oil temp and limits throttle to limit RPM however it needs to be enabled first. To enable auF1594 the oil temperature must be > than the value found in auF0277 which is 275F by default.

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Perfect, and explains why AFR's plummet to low 10's at WOT after a while. These couple of parameters hadn't been adjusted.

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A lot of people disable them entirely, I recommend just extending the window so it doesn't occur during normal conditions. As if you get collapsed muffler, melted vac line on the wastegate actuator or coolant leak you definitely want the FMEM action kicking in.

Personally I would lower the engine shutdown setting for oil over temp as well. Torque limiting should occur at 130 °C however if you have disabled the ETC clip settings (some people do  this without realising) the torque reduction may not actually do anything until it reaches 200 °C

Apparently modern synthetic oils still provide lubrication above 200 °C however I would bet other components start to fail before then.

You would only see these kind of temps with a pump failure or doing a sustained burnout but it could definitely happen.

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