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error u1900


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Keep getting this error come up once I cruise over 100kph for a min or two. It is a can communication error,

and it throws the ABS and traction control lights. it never happens under 100 or if I boot it over 100 and drop back.

I have checked earths etc and I believe it may be linked to my speed signal/tire size input. I have altered the min/max

tyre size in the vid block which stopped it from happening as soon as i hit 100 but I think I must be missing something else.

Anyone come across this before, needs some ideas as I am scratching my head. Car is a Ba xr8 ute if that helps.

Thanks Scotty


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275/45/19 is a huge tyre, definitely not 35 profile? Got a picture? I'm quite curious how it even fits!

I have never seen that code before so I'm not sure however it seems plausible it is the cause. I would try putting other wheels on as a test if you have another vehicle handy.

u1900 is meant to be CAN message missing, so either the ABS is going into fault and stopping comms due to the wheel size error, or it some vibration at high speed causing a connection to come loose.

I would be betting on either of those.

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