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sct and pcmtec compatability


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Hi members and pcmtec gurus,

I have a 5.4L boss 290 motor with a supercharger fitted. Tuned with SCTX3 which I have a few tunes for (98 and E85).  There is NO return to stock for me - too dangerous to have on the flash unit.  I am new to PCMTEC and will be working on custom ZF/6R80 tunes soon. 

I have uploaded (read flash), saved the file and licensed the file so I can start editing. 

I do see that I have the "corrupted OSID error" which I can fix by entering my stock tag from the door frame sticker.  However, I have no intention to return the car to stock - ever. 

Is this a requirement for me to do load this OSID to get full functionality from PCMTEC?

If I enter the OSID from the door sticker will I be able to upload my E85 tune as well without incurring license credits? I have professional with 3 used already.

If I muck up my tune after using PCMTEC flash, can I revert back to using the SCTX3 to restore what I know works and hence start fresh again in PCMTEC (i.e. upload again).

I have been trawling through the forum and whilst some answers come close, none provide me with the confidence to answer the questions I have fully.



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Hi Milanski

Here is the process to follow that will allow you to return the car to a state where the X3 will recognize the vehicle.

For each tune in the X3:

  1. Write it into the Vehicle
  2. Read the vehicle (PCM and TCM)
  3. Save the file without licensing it.

Now you have saved all the the tunes and can restore them in case you want to use the X3 later. Remember which was the last tune you wrote (organize it so it is the one you want to tune with PCMTec). This will be the tec file you will need to flash back into the vehicle in order for the X3 to recognize the vehicle. DO NOT EDIT this file.

Backup all the tec files read and keep them is a safe place where you wont edit them.

Open the tune you want to edit, license it and save it as a new file. If the X3 has not changed the OSID of the PCM in any of its tunes you will be licensed for all the tunes you read out of the vehicle (you will know this by opening each of the tunes and they will be licensed).

It is not a requirement to fix the corrupt OSID to enable full editing capabilities but it will restrict you from seeing what has been altered from the stock file.

Fix the Corrupt OSID for the Vehicle in the licensed file. this does not change any tuning areas but allows PCMTec to correctly identify the original calibration and what areas have been tuned when you use the Compare/History function.

You can repeat the fix of the corrupted OSID for each of the files you read and that way you can see the change history for each file.

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