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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.62 Release Notes


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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.62 has now been released as of 27/3/18

To download please login then visit https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads This page is only available for customers who have purchased the full version of the software (Enthusiast, Professional and Workshop).

The demo has also been updated to version 0.62 which can be downloaded here (you must be registered and logged in) https://www.pcmtec.com/demo

0.62 is an interim release that has the following bug fixes/improvements:


  • Compare view now supports fixed decimal places which can be adjusted by pressing the +/- buttons on the screen.
  • If you now select multiple cells, type a number and press enter all the cells will update.
  • Removed the requirement to enter address/name etc from the login page. These are now automatically populated from the server requiring only your username and password.
  • PCMTEC Editor will now work behind a corporate proxy. It does this by pulling the proxy configuration from internet explorer and uses the windows cached credentials to attempt to re-use existing proxy configurations.

Bug Fixes:

  • Compare/Change History View columns and commas were broken. This view is now vastly improved display correct spacing making it much easier to use the compare/change history functions.
  • ZF signed bytes were displayed as if they were unsigned (small number of ZF scalars) showing odd values.
  • Further performance improvements to compare view and table view.
  • On first open of the program tec files are now blocked from opening before Globals and Templates have downloaded. This stops the "Licensed .dat file could not be found, we will now attempt to download it" which could occur on a fresh install.
  • When no J2534 cable was plugged in and you were using a high DPI (4K) monitor after pressing "Read Flash" the "Select Device" popup was partially hidden making it appear as if the program had frozen.
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