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compare view not accurate

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ive been noticing that some of the compare views are not accurate.


example, if i have one file and compare view with another, change a few settings, save and close. the next time i compare the same 2 files, there are multiple items that have been changed. ive been getting random values change in drive by wire, speed density tables and other tables that say are different, but if i open up the file im comparing to in a separate editor, there is no diference. makes compare view render useless if its not accurate.


example. if i open tune a and compare to tune b, i am seeing a difference in sixth gear minimum ratio 0.514 compared to -27.778

if i open both files separaely and view this same scalor, they are both at 0.514


this also happens on many other tables as well

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It appears this value was actually set to -27 at some point. I tried with a test account that was not licensed to view the file and it did indeed show -27. My best guess is this parameter was accidentally edited when the file was unlicensed. I'm not sure how so I'm going to go through your log files to confirm this theory. Did you ever send the file to any other pcmtec users? If they edited it and sent it back this might be possible.

The work around for this is easy though. Simply open the 98 tune, save it, close it, this resync's the ui/compare history with the binary within the file. Then open the e85 tune, then load the 98 tune as a compare file.

We have added some changes to 1.21 to ensure this kind of scenario is not possible, eg after licensing it auto saves the file so that you can't end up with something that is out of sync.

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10 hours ago, richardpalinkas said:

No-one else has seen these files, the vehicle was previously tuned via sct, but other than that, those values have not been altered by myself as on some of my other files, I have other tables that show differences in the compare view that have not been altered either

Ok then there must be something else happening. I can see that there is a history entry for -27 for that item, however we don't log who or when it occured so I'm a bit stumped why it is there. The fact we have not seen this before means there must be some rare edge case for this to happen. I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that it was originally SCT tuned (and hence no stock history is available).

If you have other files can you send them along with a description of which auF and how to reproduce it, I will continue digging to see if I can find out how that history item got there.

Can you confirm that opening,saving,closing, reopening resolves the issue?

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