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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.64 Release Notes (Interim Release)


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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.64 has now been released as of 28/5/18

To download please login then visit https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads This page is only available for customers who have purchased the full version of the software (Enthusiast, Professional and Workshop).

The demo has also been updated to version 0.64 which can be downloaded here (you must be registered and logged in) https://www.pcmtec.com/demo

0.64 is an interim release that has the following bug fixes/improvements:


  • Compare view now has a single column, this makes viewing the compare history much easier to see when on a small laptop screen.
  • Added "Open Parameters In Same Window" checkbox (in the View menu) so that you can quickly scroll through multiple parameters without having to keep closing windows.
  • Added a new button to the "Create Stock File from Catchcode" screen. Now there is "Create File" which will immediately open a temporary file which you do not have to save. There is also "Create and Merge" which will give you the option to load and merge an existing file to allow licensing the file.
  • Locked the first column (Y Axis) on Table Views so when scrolling a large table on a small screen you can still see the Y Axis at all times.

Bug Fixes:

  • Flash write would occasionally hang at 99.9%. Despite the flash succeeding the UI would freeze requiring the program be killed. Despite the UI lockup the PCM/TCM would still flash successfully in the back ground.

Known Bugs:

  • DTC Read/Reset does not work on all vehicles and can sometimes take several minutes to time out.
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