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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.65 Release Notes (UI Update and bug fixes)


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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.65 has now been released as of 6/6/18

To download please login then visit https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads This page is only available for customers who have purchased the full version of the software (Enthusiast, Professional and Workshop).

The demo has also been updated to version 0.65 which can be downloaded here (you must be registered and logged in) https://www.pcmtec.com/demo

0.65 is an interim release that has the following bug fixes/improvements:


  • When opening a parameter from the compare view, the navigator auto expands to show where the parameter was located.
  • Maths data entry toolbar is now persistent (same value remains) across multiple views.
  • Added option to "Open Parameters In Same Window" has been added to stop multiple windows stacking up.
  • image.png.33367db3ffe6edfef058a04840f630cf.png


  • Added options to hide surplus history sessions and entries that would slowly fill up the history dropdown boxes.image.png.8a1a690bc8bf2b14042574cd7b8d1b91.png


  • Added option to toggle small icon size to give more screen real estate for small monitorsimage.png.e0a9310d574240179b69e27a88bb5612.png


  • Added "Stock" value column to scalar list view.
  • Scalars now show a red diamond if they are larger than the stock value and a blue diamond if they are smaller than the stock value.image.png.bc2eb303d20cd750ba50abad4bb5907a.png


  • First column (Y Axis) in Table Views are now locked when scrolling to help with modifying tables on small screens.image.png.1014b0b9c3bc9324752d0fe2b967e6c1.png


Bug Fixes:

  • If prompted to close a file with unsaved changes as part of the flash read process, if you chose no the UI would freeze. This is now fixed.
  • After reading a vehicle if you clicked changed history before you saved the file, the stock change history would be blank until the file was saved and opened again.
  • Sometimes on first install you would require to open the application twice to generate default configuration files.
  • After creating a stock file if you saved it the recent file history would be incorrect for this file.
  • Reading a car with no VIN and a corrupted OSID would crash.
  • Auto resize of scalar list view was not respected when manually resizing the window.
  • +/- decimal places button did not work when loading a compare file.

Known Bugs:

  • DTC Read/Reset does not work on all vehicles
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