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Return to Stock can be accomplished without the need to license the car for Editing. This is useful when you have a car (customers car) that you are uncertain on the history of and want to get it back to factory to ensure the vehicle drives as it should. 

The cost to return a vehicle to stock is 1 credit. If you have previously licensed this vehicle the cost is free, if you decide to fully license the vehicle for editing later this 1 credit will come off the total 3 credit cost. This is as our licensing is split into two separate licenses. Flash Edit (2 credits), Flash Write (1 credit).

You will need:

  1. PCMTec Professional or Workshop Version
  2. A read and saved Tec file from the car, can be unlicensed. This is for the VIN and VID blocks.
  3. Calibration or catch code from the door.
  4. Internet connection for obtaining Flash License.

There are two methods to return a vehicle to stock.

Method 1 is to return a vehicle to stock when you have the catch code or strategy for the vehicle (catch code is usually located inside the drivers door).

Method 2 is to return a vehicle to stock when you have a stock read of the vehicle you obtained from a tuner/user/support.

Method 1:

  1. Press "Calibration Tools" -> "Create Stock File/Calibration Merge"                                                                                    image.png.6dd5211aa79c08cd98efe18aa479f6c3.png
  2. Press "Create Stock File From Strategy or Catchcode"                                                                                                image.png.20dda8051f6700280c3e7b3ce8ae2d86.png
  3. Enter the catch code from the door trim (or a different strategy that you wish to use as the stock base) and press "Create and Merge"                        image.png.d68d36492ac2253e3db4e988f555ddd0.png
  4. Press "Load File" and locate the file you read from the vehicle. This will merge the VID block and VIN from this file.                                                         image.png.b21f2beb0480f12dac4b72f711f53ab7.png                       image.png.3f61dcd406eea62968e3caa2c06e0606.png
  5. Press Save/Open file.
  6. Now write the vehicle by pressing "Read/Write Vehicle" and pressing "Write Vehicle". This will ask you to cycle the ignition (do so)image.thumb.png.34553ad3615c65102044d73fac6b2716.png
  7. It will then prompt you that the vehicle is not licensed and would you like to license (1 credit). Click Yes.
  8. Close the window after the successful licenseimage.thumb.png.cbecc15e488de700d77b42fff668c4e3.png
  9. Editor will continue to flash the car.


Method 2 (use this method when you want to use a "stock file" from another vehicle you have read or have been provided with.

  1.  Use the Manually Merge VID/SN Wizard to merge the information from the vehicle read with the stock file
  2.  Close any files open in the editor and open the PCMTec Editor and select from the "Calibration Tools" Menu "Create Stock File/Calibration Merge". Click on the "Manually Merge VID/Serial Number" button:


This screen will display:


For this example I will open File 1 as the Stock file (eg from another vehicle) and file 2 as the Vehicle read (a file that has been read from the vehicle you are returning to stock).


Click "Import VID Block from File 2" and "Import PCM Serial/VIN/TCM Serial from File 2. Then Save File 1 and close the file.

Steps 2 Flash the car

For an unlicensed return to stock you will need an Internet connection for the following steps.

Connect to the vehicle and open the file you merged in step 2 and Click on Read/Write Vehicle:  image.thumb.png.34553ad3615c65102044d73fac6b2716.png

Click Write Vehicle, follow the normal instructions to start the flashing process and if your vehicle is unlicensed for flashing the following message will pop up. 


Click Yes.  The following window will pop as the Editor connects to the Server to Flash license the Vehicle:

image.thumb.png.cbecc15e488de700d77b42fff668c4e3.pngAfter successfully licensing the file click close and the Editor will flash the car. 


Job Done.








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