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Vct noise


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Hey ,

I'm having intake vct issues, it's very noisey and rattling at revs below 2600rpm. 

I have checked everything, even pulled motor out and changed all timing gear and oil pump, had vernier cam gears and still had  the noise.

I'm getting 14v at the plug but when supplying a constant voltage from a battery source (I have tried 9v and 12v) noise completely goes. 

I'm about to get car tuned with pcm tec but been putting it off due to the noise.

Uploaded a pic of what the vct is doing at idle 

Any help would be great cheers 



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On 9/22/2019 at 3:57 PM, Adamc said:

*** should note this was a new (54,000kms) motor after I had a harmonic balancer destroy itself and wrecked the crank and bent valves in my original motor.

Motor has made the noise since being installed.

Going to go with you have a problem with the actuator.

Datalog the camshaft position vs requested position (eg the position error). Also check for DTC codes relating to the VCT sensor.

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