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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.70 Release Notes (Flash Only Tablet Software & Parameter Files)


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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.70 has now been released as of 29/7/18

To download please login then visit https://www.pcmtec.com/downloads This page is only available for customers who have purchased the full version of the software (Enthusiast, Professional and Workshop).

Tablet Flash Only Package:

The 0.70 release now includes the Tablet Flash Only software for workshops who would like to sell a remote tuning solution to their customers. 

The flash only tablet software (will run on a Laptop or PC as well) is a limited software package to allow a customer to read and write tune files remotely. An example is as a workshop your customer is at the drags and would like a different shift map, in this case you can export a locked file and send it to them remotely to flash into their vehicle.

We will be selling packages with an unbranded Tactrix J2534 Cable, an 8" Windows 10 tablet and associated USB cables to Workshops who would like to sell this package. The customer can alternatively supply their own tablet/laptop and cable if they wish and simply buy the flash only software.

The preliminary workshop pricing for the tablet package will be $450 ex. If you wish to supply your own hardware the software only package for the customer will be $150 ex

Once we have datalogging completed the tablet will also be able to datalog.

To use the flash only package follow this guide: COMING SOON

New Features:

Tables now have multi line graphs to allow you to easily see holes in spark tables. You can drag these tables as well to modify the table.



Parameter Files

Parameter files (also know as value files in other software) allow you to export and import individual parameters from a tune into another. To use parameter files simply enable the checkboxes, select the parameters you would like to export and create a .param file.

The parameter files export parameters based on their ID. So you can easily make up a set of files to do various tasks, eg disable/enabled closed loop fueling. Rescale spark load axis/tables etc.


When creating parameter files you can use this option via the right click menu to easily export all changes made to a tune. "Only Show Parameters That Are Different To Stock", once you click this you can then press "Select All For Parameter Export" this would export all changes you made to a tune.



  • When opening a parameter from the compare view, the navigator auto expands to show where the parameter was located.
  • Maths data entry toolbar is now persistent (same value remains) across multiple views.
  • Added option to "Open Parameters In Same Window" that been added to stop multiple windows stacking up. You can enable/disable this from the View menu.
  • Default floating decimal places have been increased from 2 to 6. This will stop low/high slope and deadtime from showing up as 0 on fresh installs. You can still adjust the number of decimal places using the +/- buttons at the top right of the screen.
  • If you make changes to a file, don't save it, then press flash write the changes will now be written to the vehicle without requiring a save. Previously it prompted you to save the file which could be annoying if you were making lots of small changes.
  • Diff mode can now be selected at all times, this will take you to the stock compare item and show the differences.
  • Differences can now be edited, eg setting all values to 0 in diff mode will revert the table to the original values.
  • Files can now be tuner locked by setting the OSID to "PCMTE", this will stop any PCMTEC user from being able to read/edit the tune unless they licensed it originally. This will also stop our competitors software from being able to read or scan as well.
  • Page Up + Page Down will now scroll through the history items in tables.
  • Added scroll bars to the flashing log so it will display on very small laptop screens.
  • Added new icons to change history to indicate functionality.
  • Added greyed items to right click menu on navigator when disabled so that you can see what options are possible.
  • Added checkboxes to compare view.
  • Flash write log automatically close after pressing OK on a successful write.
  • When opening a table/scalar from the change history screen it now also expands the navigator to show you where it can be found.
  • Stock files from the "Stock Files" can now be edited, if saved they will be overwritten next time "Checking for updated stock files" occurs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue for clients with a large number of licenses timing out during template downloads.
  • If you selected multiple cells in a table by dragging right to left or up to down and performed a paste, it would paste from the first selected cell into the wrong grid. Now it will paste from the top left selected cell always.
  • Pressing +/- with nothing in the scalar maths field would cause the editor to crash.
  • Using the file merge wizard and merging from file 1 -> file 2 and saving file 2 would save file 1. This is now fixed.
  • When using the return to stock wizard and making an new file from a catch code, if you were to save the file it would show the incorrect file name in the recent files history.
  • Added stock column to the scalar list view so you can easily compare to stock.
  • Reading a car with no VIN would cause the editor to crash. This is fixed.
  • Auto scroll of navigator when expanding groups with a large number of items would not always expand correctly on small screens.
  • Custom operating systems now allow "return to stock" and show stock values in the compare history.
  • Interpolating 1D tables could crash in some circumstances.
  • Right clicking on a single cell and pressing return to stock would do nothing as the cell was not "selected". A single right click now selects the cell so that "return to stock" will function as expected.
  • "Close Compare" file did not function. It now closes all loaded compare files.
  • EULA would occasionally show an error in the log after downloading on a fresh install.
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