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Wastegate solenoid problems


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Hey guys does anyone have much experience with fault finding a dickie wastegate solenoid?

No matter what values I change in f0307
(Wastegate duty cycle)
The car only ever runs spring pressure.

I have taken the solenoid out and put power to it opens and closes as it should.
Put my multimeter on the wiring loom plug it gets 12v with key on and get 14v with car running. Even tho there is voltage at the plug i never hear it click while the car is on acc or running.
It's getting vacuum and no apparent leaks anywhere.

Any ideas on why it's not working?
Something in the tune? Faulty pcm?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Is this a stock/factory car? If not has someone messed with the actuator etc? What spring is being used?

Has it been tuned before you touched it? If so use the compare/history to compare the file to stock and see what has been changed.

Was it turbo converted? If so did you use a turbo PCM?

Download Forscan and take a screenshot of a DTC read.

Also datalog all the wastegate related items during a WOT pull and post that up as well.


You should be able to figure out the issue from this.

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Hi Roland

Yes the car is a bf f6. The car had been tuned several times before but the tuna either didn't know how to fix the issue or couldn't be bothered. 

The car has external gate setup with 15psi spring. 

With forscan the only dtc is related to the oil pressure switch. I removed the factory sender to run aftermarket gauges. 

I'll have to get back to you with a log of those items. 

If you look at the file shouldn't the car be well in to the 20psi range with those settings? 

e85 tune.tec

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Have you read this thread?


Your desired boost is set to 20 inHG which is about 9psi. I haven't looked at your PID settings but I'm going to guess its just in permanent overboost hence 0% duty cycle. Have a read of the boost thread and set it up as per those settings.

Datalog will tell the full story.

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