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HOWTO: ZF Transmission replacement (TCM)

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This guide explains the steps to replace a ZF transmission and upload you existing calibration to it. This guide requires that the replacement transmission is from the same vehicle. Eg if you have a BF you must source a ZF from another BF. If you have an FG you must source a ZF from another FG.

If you attempt to put a BF ZF in an FG or vice versa you will have to replace the TCM/mechatronics in the box. Although the boxes are identical the real time operating system is not. The real time operating system is not written when you write the TCM hence you will end up with a TCM that is in limp mode if you do not swap it over.

If you do not follow this guide and attempt to write your existing calibration to the vehicle will get a "Vehicle serial does not match" error when attempting to write the old TCM file.

Step 1:

Read the existing old TCM + PCM and save it to disk. Ensure you have ticked "PCM" and "TCM" within the flash read page. If the PCM/TCM was erased at any stage you can still do this step, but you will need to use recovery mode and manually select the PCM and TCM type from their corrosponding dropdowns. Eg for BA select Black Oak, for BF/FG select Spanish Oak. For ZF there is only one option, Ford ZF.

Ensure this file is licensed.

Save this read as "Old TCM + PCM.tec"

Step 2:

Install the new box ensuring the TCM plug is intact with no pins backing out (this is a common fault).

Read the new TCM only by ensuring only TCM is ticked within the flash read page.

Save this as "new TCM.tec"

Step 3:

Open the merge wizard via "Create Stock File/Calibration Merge"


Select "Manually Merge VID/Serial"


Press "Load File 1" and select "Old TCM + PCM.tec"

Press "Load File 2" and select "new TCM.tec"


Next press "Import TCM Serial from File 2"

Press "Save File 1" and save as "New merged TCM + old PCM.tec"

Now license the file again (will cost 0 credits to license the new TCM file) and write the file to the vehicle.

A guide to replace the PCM can be found here:


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